Boy Abunda on Mariel Rodriguez’s possible transfer to TV5: "If it’s her decision, okay ako."

"If that’s her decision, it’s difficult, but okay ako," states Boy Abunda on inquiries about Mariel Rodriguez’s possible transfer to TV-5 with husband Robin Padilla.

Boy Abunda’s talent company Backroom, Inc. is undergoing transition.

Their outgoing president, Boy or Tito Boy to most of the talent and staff, says that he still has duties and tasks at hand. Nonetheless, he is eager to see the 22-year-old talent and public relations company function on its own.

"Marami pa rin akong tinatapos na trabaho, pero I’m looking forward to the day na medyo full swing na yung operation nung Backroom on their own." (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview Boy Abunda at the Olay Total Effects event last September 8 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Makati City.

He says that despite parting from Backroom, he will still be in charge of Kris Aquino and Ai-Ai delas Alas’s projects.

"Si Kris naman is very easy. Ang trabaho namin ni Kris, telepono. ’Ito ang kontrata, number one, number two, number three, ito ang schedule mo. Oo, hindi?’

"[With] Ai-Ai, ’Aileen, may renewal ka. Ito ang deal. Blah, blah, blah. ’Ama....’ ’Okay.’ May re-usage, paliliwanag mo. ’Okay.’ ’O, sige.’ Tapos na."

Boy adds that his staff in Backroom will carry on sans his full efforts.

"... I’m hoping that by October, November, yun. Medyo maluwag na talaga," says Boy.

He peps them up for his eventual leaving.

"Sinasabi ko nga sa aming staff, ’You have to work really extra hard because you’re coming after me.’

"Alam nila yun, alam nila yun. Merong dadagdag, merong mawawala.

"Okay lang yun, normal lang yun. Alam nila yun."

BIANCA GONZALES. Before his late-night entertainment news program SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) aired its final episode last Friday, September 9, Boy conveyed his message to co-host Bianca Gonzales.

He says of her, "Bianca is the kind of person who has difficulty leaving things. Not just shows.

"Pero yun ang sinabi ko sa kanya kagabi, ’Look at it this way, Bianca. This moment... your moving from SNN to E-Live will define who you are ten years from now. How you’re behaving, how you’re reacting, will define who you are and how you have evolved as a person.’"


MARIEL RODRIGUEZ. Asked if his other talent, Happy Yipee Yehey! co-host Mariel Rodriguez will return to hosting E-Live, Boy answers, "You know what she told me? ’I’m ready to do anything. I’m ready to do talk shows. I’m ready... I’m very open.’

"But no specific show," Boy clarifies after a reporter asked if Mariel indeed said in a previous interview that she’s returning to the Saturday show.

"Yun yung aming conversation ni Mariel na, ’Tito Boy, Handa ako... I can do anything now.’ Yun."

Boy also states that the matter is out of his hands.

"Not my decision, not my decision. Kung desisiyon niya, mag-usap kami, okay sa akin.

"At ang tanong diyan ay kailangan ba siya ng E-Live? It’s mutual, e. Mahirap sabihing, ’Gusto ko umalis.’ Kailangan ka ba ng show? Di ba?"

"FOLLOW YOUR HEART." Recently Mariel Rodriguez admitted that the negotiating of her transfer to TV-5 with husband Robin Padilla was underway. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

To this matter, Boy keeps an open mind. He says, "If that’s her decision, it’s difficult, but okay ako. If it’s her decision, okay ako.

"Sinasabi ko parati sa kanya ’yan, ’Follow your heart. Kung ano ang maganda para sa’yo, kung sa’n ka komportable, kung sa’n ka masaya.’

"Kahit nung bago siya bumalik ulit sa ABS? [I tell her], ’Go for it!’"

Boy shares a principle he learned a few days back.

"All of us, technically, ha, as talent, as contract, everybody’s for sale. That’s a principle in management, ha. In a good way. You are always open.

"May natutunan ako kahapon—the moment you begin a business, which means the moment you begin a career, you also begin to sell yourself."

Does he think Mariel will do well in TV5?


Boy’s reply is uncertain.

"We wouldn’t know until it happens... I don’t know. Remember, it’s an emerging station. You wouldn’t know.

"Hindi ko alam na maghi-hit ang Face To Face," referring to the success of another Backroom talent, Amy Perez, who hosts the show.

"You can only calculate up to a certain point, di ba? Babasa at babasa ka, pero hindi mo mababasa lahat.

"I mean, don’t forget that Who Wants To Be A Millionare? was a big hit in [Channel] 13, Marimar was in Channel 9. May mga ganun."





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