PEP EXCLUSIVE: Dimples Romana clarifies Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband are not yet a couple

Dimples Romana insists that her good friend Angel Locsin and rumored beau Phil Younghusband are not yet a couple. She did say, however, that the two are enjoying each other’s company a lot. She also wouldn’t wonder if they end up being together in the future. "Ang nakakatuwa lang din sa dalawang single na tao na ’yon ay naha-handle nila nang maayos. Masaya sila sa isa’t isa."

Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband are undoubtedly one of the hottest celebrity pairings these days.

After Phil’s much talked about Twitter post last February—asking Angel out for a Valentine’s Day date—all eyes have been glued on them, trying to see how far they would go.

One of those looking after the pair is Angel’s good friend Dimples Romana. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Dimples at the opening of the latest branch of Chic Nails Spa along Katipunan Ave., Q.C. on September 12. In an exclusive interview, she was very open about her admiration for Phil, saying he is a "good man."

She says, "We’re not close, but I’ve met him. We’ve already gone out with him.

"We had dinner with him. We watched his game."

MEETING PHIL’S MOM. At the time of the interview, Phil’s family was going through a rough time as their mother, Susan Placer-Younghusband, just passed away due to a massive heart attack on September 10. (CLICK HERE to read related story)

Dimples said she and her family were praying for Phil and his siblings, as well as Angel who stayed with them throughout the grieving process.

"Yes, we’ve heard about it [Susan’s death]. I’ve asked Angel [if they need help].

"But knowing Gel, she would really take care of things that need to be taken care of—especially for Phil.

"Kasi, alam mo, si Angel naman, kahit hindi pa si Phil ’yan, basta malapit sa kanya at naging mabuti sa kanya, as a friend or as a tao, Angel would automatically feel that she has to do something.

"Kaya nga volunteer. Grabe ang volunteering spirit niyang kaibigan kong ’yan, e. Pero ayon, I’ve already spoken to her."

Dimples recalled a brief encounter she had with the late Mrs. Younghusband.


"I’ve met Tita Susan, the mom, once. We got to watch Phil’s game with her and she was really very nice, very candid lady.

"I’m really grateful that I got to meet her."

Although it happened only once, Dimples immediately developed a high regard for Phil’s mother.

"Alam mo, she did a very great good job—and this is no etchos, ha—she did a great job raising the boys and Keri, the baby girl.

"Kasi si Phil, ’pag nakita mo siya around his mom, grabe!

"Sabi ko nga, e, hindi siya mama’s boy. Ay, well, mama’s boy siya but in a good way.

"Kasi inaalagaan niya, makikita mo inaalalayan niya mommy niya.

"Kahit na nandodoon pa si Angel, ha, inaalalayan niya pareho.

"Pero ang maganda do’n, inuuna niya yung Mommy niya.

"Kasi, alam mo, sabi nga nila, ang lalake, malalaman mo kung paano siya sa mapapangasawa niya kung paano siya sa mommy niya.

"Kasi, kung napakabuti niya sa mommy niya, e, siyempre hindi malayong gawin niya ’yon sa mapapangasawa niya.

"So kung ano man ang mangyari sa kanila ni Angel—magkatuluyan man sila, maging sila man—ako, I’m all for it.

"Dahil sa totoo lang, ang bait. Ang bait ni Phil. Napakabuti ng mga lalaking ’yon. Pati si James din mabait."

Having only good words to say about Phil, does it mean that Dimples wants to see her friend ending up with the Azkals player?

"Alam mo, I don’t see anything wrong with it."

Dimples was quick to clarify, however, that contrary to rumors, Phil is not yet Angel’s boyfriend.

"Alam ko single pa sila pareho. Alam ko that they’re enjoying each other’s company.

"And you [can] take it from me dahil magkaibigan naman kami."

HE MAKES ANGEL SMILE. More than anything, she is happy to see her friend to have found a guy who also makes her feel good, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.


"Natutuwa lang ako na wala man akong nakikitang serious relationship pa—kasi siyempre pareho din silang committed sa trabaho, nakikita nyo naman ’di ba?

"Ang nakakatuwa lang din sa dalawang single na tao na ’yon ay naha-handle nila nang maayos.

"Masaya sila sa isa’t isa. Ang ganda ganda ni Angel ngayon. Nag-bloom siya, sobra.

"Tuwing nakikita ko siya, nakangiti siya. Iyon ang gusto kong kaibigan na nakikita ko kay Angel.

"Si Phil, he’s doing very well. Alam mo, pakiramdam ko swerte sila para sa isa’t isa.

"Sa totoo lang. At mero’n talagang mga taong nagji-jive nang maayos together at sila ’yon.

"If Phil, in the future, will be able to create a relationship with Angel that’s more than friends, that’s more than special friends, and maybe maging sila or magkatuluyan sila, I don’t mind.

"Phil is a good man. He’s been raised very well by his mom."





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