Fil-Welsh rugby player Gaz Holgate has a big crush on actress Lovi Poe

"She’s multi-talented, I think. She can sing, act and dance, and she’s beautiful as well. I find those qualities impressive," says Gareth Leslie "Gaz" Holgate when asked why he likes actress Lovi Poe.

Gareth Leslie "Gaz" Holgate, a 24-year-old half-Filipino, half-Welsh rugby player, is one of the members of the Philippine Volcanoes national men’s rugby team.

Gaz is currently on vacation in Manila for two weeks, but offers started coming in when news of his visit leaked out.

Gaz is scheduled to do a shoot here in the Philippines. He will also be doing several photo shoots for magazines, and is slated to grace two charity events.

Last October 6, Gaz visited a school in Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong where he, in cooperation with the National Bookstore Foundation, donated books.

Last October 9, Gaz visited the children under the care of Child Hope Asia Philippines.

Gaz introduced and played rugby with the kids.

This was held at the Activity Center of Child Hope Asia, which was also attended by the institution’s spokesperson, Ogie Alcasid, and other celebrities. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chance to talk briefly with the rugby player last week.

Earlier, Gaz escorted actress Lovi Poe at the launching of Esquire Philippines. According to him, he has a big crush on the dusky actress.

"She’s multi-talented, I think," Gaz said.

"She can sing, act and dance, and she’s beautiful as well. I find those qualities impressive."

Gaz also appeared last October 9 in Party Pilipinas and on Showbiz Central.

With his good looks and hunky built, a showbiz career may soon be a reality for the charming and affable Fil-Welsh jock.





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