Lovi Poe on her Aswang role: "I’m the one scaring people and it was fun"

Lovi Poe on her Aswang role: "I can say that she plays her character more subtle dito sa Aswang. Mas...it’s more on the inside than what she shows on the outside."

Acting comes "naturally" to Lovi Poe.

And each time she assumes a new role, the daughter of the late Fernando Poe, Jr. automatically transforms into another person.

At Cinema One’s Sine Sindak Halloween Outdoor Screening 2011, she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "For example, in a scene where we talk, she gets so... she absorbs her character so much. Parang it becomes her so naturally.

"So ako, pag ginagawa niya yun, automatically sa akin, lumalabas rin yung character ko."

How was the transition from the sultry wife in My Neighbor’s Wife to the Hyde-ish role in Aswang?

"I had to keep in mind na I have to play another role. It was actually harder for me to get out of my role in Temptation Island, it took me like two weeks!

"Sa Neighbor’s Wife, she was more normal, and it was a lot easier to get into my Aswang role.

Looking weird or ugly for a role doesn’t bother her at all, "kasi I’m the one scaring people and it was fun naman... inisip ko na lang na I won’t ever get to do this ever so ilabas ko na lang sa movie."

But the twist to her character, "She’s a different kind of aswang. May puso siya. She knows how to love. Actually, nako-konsensya siya sa mga naging victims niya."

The favorite magazine cover girl didn’t prepare much for this challenging role. "It was more of a physical thing. May mga different nuances lang," she said.

What made her gravitate towards this role?

"When I saw what it was gonna be, it’s something I’ve never done before.

"Lagi natin naririnig yung aswang. Pero this one is different. May kanya-kanyang tayong naiisip about it, the usual things: manananggal, ganyan. This one, nakaka-ano siya sa ilalim ng lupa, nagiging crow siya... they get to be normal people."


PSYCHO. From Aswang, she talked about Shutter, the movie that really scared her.

Lovi related, "Super the whole time, nandiyan lang yung ghost...It took me like a week before mawala yung takot."

How about scary books?

"I don’t read scary books. I haven’t tried. Puro mga love stories."

But if her life were to be made into a movie, she would like to pattern it after Friends, the TV series.

"Even if we have problems and everything, but when I look at in a different way, pinagtatawanan ko na lang... I’ll go through it with friends. I think I have traits na nakuha from them all... but I think I’m more of a Rachel. Impulsive ako!"

How about her dream scary movie role?

"I wanna be a psycho. I think it’s gonna be one of the most challenging things ever for me. Emotionally, parang it’s gonna be very difficult. But then, yung emotions, you don’t know what’s going on inside other people kasi."

And the more she talked about it, the more convinced she is that she has to do something in the suspense genre.

Lovi added, "Suspense is good. I wanna try other things. And a psycho!"

Lastly, will she be dressing up as any Halloween character?

"I wanna dress up as... Eve! Or Rogue [X-Men character]. She’s hot."





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