Carmina Villarroel denies walking out on Claudine Barretto in TVC shoot: "In my entire showbiz career... never ako nag-walk out."

"Hindi kami magkaaway! Friends kami! So, hindi totoo. Kaya nga sabi ko nga, I have to speak up. I have to clear this up kasi she’s not here to defend herself," actress and talk-show host Carmina Villarroel quickly denied that she walked out on her co-endorser Claudine Barretto. The alleged incident was reported in entertainment writer Dolly Anne Carvajal’s column "Dollywood," published January 29, 2012.

"Not true! Hindi siya totoo!"

Carmina Villarroel did not hesitate to address the incident that she walked out on actress Claudine Barretto during a shooting of a television commercial.

In entertainment writer Dolly Anne Carvajal’s column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, it was reported that the actress/TV host/endorser was "irked" by Claudine’s "endless demands," and thus asked the crew to "pack-up."

Published on January 29, 2012, the column "Dollywood" recounted how Carmina, at first, purportedly conceded to a series of requests by Claudine.

The column said:

"First, Claudine requested that she be given the bigger dressing room, which Carmina readily agreed to. Then Claud asked if, instead of Mina, she could be the one to wear the white long-sleeved shirt. Again, Mina did not object. Later, Claud said she needed a nap. That was fine with Mina, too. The clincher was when Claud asked to deliver the longer line in the commercial. That was the last straw; Mina walked out."


Carmina said no such incident occurred.

At the press conference of the Kapamilya channel’s new entertainment talk show, Showbiz Inside Report, held at the ABS-CBN Network’s 14th floor ELJ Building last night, January 31, the actress shed light on the issue.

"Nagulat nga ako kasi... lumabas ’yon kahapon, di ba? ’Tapos hindi ko siya [nabasa], hindi kasi ako Inquirer. Wala kasi akong [subscription].

"So, tumawag lang sa akin... may mga nag-text sa akin.

"Tumawag lang sa akin yung sister ko na parang [sabi niya,] ’What’s this?’

"Sabi ko, ’Ang alin?’ ’Tapos ito na, ’kinuwento na nga sa akin na kesyo daw may something daw kami ni Claudine."

Carmina says she has not read the article herself.

"No, I did not. Nagpakuwento lang din ako sa sister ko saka sa mga ibang friends ko.

"Kasi sinabi na parang may something daw kaming dalawa ni Clau and then nag-walk out ako.


"So, it’s not true. So, hindi totoo. Hindi totoong may ganoong insidente."

CO-ENDORSERS. The last commercial that she and Claudine were in was for a milk product shot about two years ago, according to mother-actress Carmina.

"So, sabi ko nga, kung may insidente, kung may away man kami ni Clau, dapat lumabas na ’yon, di ba?

"At kung ganung kalaki na talagang nag-walk out ako, lumabas na ’yon."

Carmina adds that the endorsement has long ended because both their kids have already grown up.

"So Clau and I, we’re friends. We’re okay," she emphasizes.

"Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan nanggaling."

The talk-show host also mentioned that, after the column appeared, she received nasty remarks on the social networking site Twitter.

"I had to explain my side sa Twitter because it’s really not true.

"So, kung sino man yung source ni [Dolly], hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling."


Has she tried communicating with Claudine?

Carmina frowns and says, "No, because she’s in Europe, e. Sila ni Raymart [Santiago, Claudine’s husband]."

It perplexed her, she said, that such a conflict was even written, considering that she and Claudine had been handled by the same person for each of those television advertisements.

"Hindi kami magkaaway! Friends kami! So, hindi totoo.

"Kaya nga sabi ko nga, I have to speak up.

"I have to clear this up kasi she’s not here to defend herself.

"Kawawa naman... kasi parang lumalabas siya yung diva or something...

"Sa side niya, negative!"

Carmina adds, "Ang tagal na nun! Wala naman kaming bagong commercial together!"

I NEVER WALKED OUT. Carmina repeatedly stressed that the milk product’s commercial was a couple of years back: "Iba na nga yung endorser!"

Further exressing the absurdity of the intrigue, the actress pointed out, "If something like that really happened, dapat matagal na. Bakit ngayon lang nilabas?


"At saka, kunwari, let’s say totoo, ’Bakit ngayon lang kayo nagsalita? Parang ang luma [na], di ba?"

A celebrity who has been in the industry for the most part of her life, Carmina added, "It’s not my personality na mag-walk out.

"In my entire showbiz career... two decades na yata, never ako nag-walk out.

"Never talaga. Napaka-understanding ko sa mga bagay na ganyan.

"Ako na yata yung sinasabihan na, ’Mag-walk out ka na! Mag-walk out ka na!’ [Pero] ako talaga, ’A, hindi kawawa naman, e.’

"At saka ako... ako yung isang taong madaling katrabaho. Kung medyo diva ka, or medyo difficult person ka, dededmahin kita.

"Hindi dedma na iisnabin kita. Dedma, sasakyan kita.

"So, walang ganun."


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