Kate Winslet is in line to make her theater debut in a play called Skylight opposite Bill Nighy

Organizers are not sure whether Kate Winslet will be able to perform in the play Skylight as there are matters to be straightened out like some "obstacles of a private nature" and reorganizing her professional commitments.

Kate Winslet is in line to make her theater debut.

The Contagion actress has spoken several times with David Hare about him directing her in a play called Skylight opposite Bill Nighy and following three months of negotiations, is now looking to clear her schedule to appear in the production.

A source said, "She’s in love with the play and would very much like to do it."

However, it is claimed there are some "obstacles of a private nature" that could prevent the actress—who has two children, Mia, 11 and eight-year-old Joe, from her two marriages—from taking part as well as reorganizing her professional commitments.

The source added to the Daily Mail newspaper, "It may change and the way is clear for her to do Skylight but there’s no 100 percent guarantee."

It has not yet been decided whether the play will be staged in London’s West End or Broadway in New York.

Skylight, which originally featured Michael Gambon and Lia Williams and won a string of awards, tells the story of a famous restaurateur who meets a former mistress with whom he had had an affair while his wife was still alive.

He finds his ex-lover is living in self-imposed exile to atone for their illicit relationship.





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