Enrique Gil’s plans for the Holy Week: island-hopping in Cebu, bonding with family, praying the rosary at the beach

With his father gone, it has fallen on Enrique Gil’s shoulders to continue the Holy Week family traditions. "We still visit the Sto. Niño and we all pray together. May certain hour na magro-rosary kami." He muses that since his dad passed, "it’s different kasi siya yung life ng party."

Despite the rains, traffic and an appointment that took longer than expected, young actor Enrique Gil made it to a charity gift-giving for kids battling cancer.

This is what he chose to do on March 30, Friday, to celebrate his birthday. He also made time for PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) for this interview.

We talk about Enrique’s plans for the Holy Week.

Sporting a nautical-inspired top paired with tight jeans and grey red lace sneaks, he shares it’s going to be a low-key, intimate family affair to include his neighbors in Cebu, who are close friends.

"We grew up with family friends. So parang my family and family ng kapitbahay namin magkikita doon [as well as the family of] my best friend.

"We’re gonna stay sa beach house ng tita ko, sa Mactan."

Enrique, star of the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye Princess and I, reveals their plans for the entire week: "Island-hopping kami... [lunch] sa sandbar."


They will even have lechon prepared, and "doon sa island kami kakain, para may privacy."

Of the many Cebuano delicacies that have made the Queen City of the South famous, what dish can’t Enrique live without?

He chuckles and says, "Sa Cebuano food siguro muyong and yung lechon."

We ask what muyong is.

Enrique explains that muyong is "para siyang lumpia na puro vegetables sa loob, sa Cheevers, sa Cebu doon binibili yun. I love that."

Despite the absence of the Gil padre de familia, Enrique says they try to continue the Holy Week family traditions.

ROSARY AT THE BEACH. "We still visit the Sto. Niño and we all pray together. May certain hour na magro-rosary kami."

What makes it special is they pray the rosary at the beach on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippine archipelago.

He muses that since his dad passed, "it’s different kasi siya yung life ng party."


Interestingly enough, it has fallen on his shoulders to take over that "job," so to speak, "so as much as possible, ako nag-fill nung space," he says.

But it’s not the same, he observes, "Hindi pa rin e, iba pa rin yung dad ko.

"Actually, I am the comic. I am talaga pero iba pa rin talaga yung pagka-comic ng dad ko.

"Siya talaga yung original sa family ko, siya yung grabe."

Enrique says he got "most of the pagkakenkoy sa kanya [his dad] so alam na nila na ako na ang magbubuhay ng party sa family ko, ako yung nagpapatawa..."

Still, he reflects, "It’s different, kasi sanay ako na ako yung pinapatawa, pero ngayon ako na ang nagpapatawa sa family, sa mga tao, syempre nakaka-miss."

INVESTING ON REAL ESTATE. Belying his young age, Enrique also tells us of not one, but two properties he is buying in Cebu, which his mom is helping set up and coordinate.


One is located in the mountains, 15 minutes away from the city. Enrique says it is "medyo cool doon and overlooking the city. Akala mo malayo pero super lapit lang sa city."

The other one is sure to inspire positive envy in many, especially since it is prime real estate.

"Beach house front with beach talaga," he says with a smile.


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