Sam Concepcion tastes first screen kiss in I Do Bidoo Bidoo

Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos have known each other since they both started receiving singing and acting training in theater company Trumpets. While the two have been previously paired in the musical Peter Pan, their first film together, I Do Bidoo Bidoo, grants them a first screen kiss.

With his plate full this summer, Sam Concepcion might have to give up his Boracay trip with friends and Kapamilya network co-talents Ivan Dorschner, James Reid, and company.

At his contract signing for his new endorsement with ABE International Business College on April 2, at Johnny Rockets, Tomas Morato, Sam was able to talk about his excuse for missing out on his friends’ planned summer getaway.

“I’m going to be spending half of the summer shooting the movie.”

The 19-year-old is, at present, busy shooting for the big-screen musical I Do Bidoo Bidoo wherein he stars with OPM all-time favorite artists Ogie Alcasid, Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Asian Film Awards People’s Choice for Favorite Actress, comedienne Eugene Domingo.

A film directed and written by Chris Martinez, I Doo Bidoo Bidoo features songs by the APO Hiking Society.

“It has been crazy fun. It’s been going really well,” says Sam when asked how the project is coming along.

He stresses that it astounds him to be working with these seasoned artists.

“Every day on the set… I get surprised that I’m actually working with these people.

“I’m working with Direk Chris Martinez. Every time, I still forget I’m working with Gary V., Ogie Alcasid, Eugene Domingo, Ms. Zsa Zsa…

“I’m actually in this! So yun, it’s been great!”

With 2012 hitting the end of the first quarter, Sam’s career kicked off quite well.

He mentions that apart from I Doo Bidoo Bidoo, his last two weeks’ taping for afternoon soap Angelito Batang Ama adds to how hectic his schedule has been.


“Actually, last week [was a] crazy week. I shot for Angelito, too… Nagkasabay!

"So, there are times na I tape for Angelito, M-W-F [Monday, Wednesday, Friday] and I shoot for I Do Bidoo Bidoo, T-Th [Tuesday, Thursday].

“Last week, that happened! The entire five days … I didn’t go home, as in straight talaga!

“And we shoot pa in Calamba, Laguna. It’s really far like two-and-a-half-hour drive. It’s crazy!

“The day after—[when] I didn’t do anything—was the best day ever!”

While work has been taxing, Sam admits to the “fun” of the experience in shooting his biggest break yet.

Working with Eugene Domingo, for one, has been a joy to the young adult actor.

The comedienne, who also started out in theater like Sam, stars as his mother in I Do Bidoo Bidoo.

Singer-songwriter Ogie, meanwhile, undertakes the role of his father, an artist whose only claim to fame is his one hit wonder.

“Grabe. She is really very nice,” says Sam of Eugene.

“It wasn’t uncomfortable doing the... kasi I have a lot of scenes with my mom. Dito, we fight a lot.

“She’s really funny. She’s, you know, very helpful. Hindi mahirap [katrabaho]."

Sam further describes the kind of work ethic Eugene has shown him: “In the scenes that we do, she really helped me give something per scene, you know what I’m saying?

“Because it’s hard if you’re detached with the person that you’re in the scene with… it makes it harder for you to act but she made it comfortable for me.


“She stopped in between takes. She treats everyone the same way. She’s really very down to earth. And she’s funny.

“Actually Sir Ogie, also, is a joy to work with.”

TEENAGE PREGNANCY. I Do Bidoo Bidoo is a family drama and a comedy that tackles teenage pregnancy. In the film, Sam, the son of Ogie and Eugene’s character, gets his girlfriend pregnant.

Teen theater actress Tippy Dos Santos portrays Sam’s girlfriend and the daughter of a well-off couple played by Gary and Zsa Zsa.

“Kami we’re not a very rich family,” says Sam, describing his screen family.

“Gary V. is [Tippy’s] father, rich family [sila]... So anyway, we have to get married because I got her pregnant.

As Sam puts it, I Do Bidoo Bidoo “is about two families who couldn’t get along and these two twenty-one-year-olds who have to get married.”

FIRST SCREEN KISS WITH TIPPY DOS SANTOS. Sam and Tippy have history. Both started out as co-“playshoppers” in theater company Trumpets and have also acted in past productions.

Last year, Sam and Tippy top-billed the fairy-tale-turned-musical Peter Pan where they played the characters of Peter and Wendy, respectively.

I Do Bidoo Bidoo takes their friendship and acting to unknown waters—a kissing scene is required of the two young actors.

Sam confesses that there was a slight tension prior to shooting the particular scene.

“I’ve known Tippy since I was little… We’ve known each other for a while and we had to do this scene.


“And in my head… this would be kind of weird because she’s my friend and we had to deliver a scene wherein the people would believe that we really are together…

Sam mentions that the first thing he in fact told Tippy before the first take was: “I have cherry, strawberry, and apple Chapstik. Which flavor do you like?”

Joking about it was the only way he knew how to break the ice, so to speak. Sam says he couldn’t recall what Tippy’s reply was.

He remembers, however, that “after the first take, it wasn’t so bad.”

Asked if it felt awkward at all after the first take, Sam states, “No it wasn’t. Yun na nga, e!

“I thought it was going to be really awkward… I guess [it’s because] we know each other.

“I was thinking if I didn’t know the person, it would be easier. I thought it would be easier if it’s with someone I’m really not that close to. But then, it was okay..."

He continues, “It wasn’t such a big deal. I thought it was going to be.”

Despite the several takes it took, according to Sam, it helped that he and Tippy have been friends.

Finally asked if it ever, in the course of their friendship, crossed his mind to pursue Tippy, Sam vaguely replies, “I don’t know. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. We’ve known each other for [so] long.”


When teased if Tippy probably intimidated him, Sam smiles and retorts, “She’s actually very outgoing, very easy [to talk to].

“Whatever kind of person you are, she can talk to you.”

MATURE ROLES. In a portion of the interview, Sam talked about taking on projects, including an upcoming album, that would deviate from his teeny-bopper image to a more mature one.

“One of the challenges of starting young is that we’ll get stuck there.

"In a way, I guess, it’s some sort of reinvention,” Sam says.

If anything, this role in I Do Bidoo Bidoo, highlighted by his accepting to do a kissing scene, was intended to advance his career to a different level.

Sam intimates that after shooting the kissing scene, he thought to himself, “There is no turning back now. It just dawned on me after that first take.”





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