SUN AND STARS: Derek Ramsay plays golf with Hollywood star Zac Efron

"I enjoyed my Easter break kasi it was a relief. I left the country with a smile on my face," said Derek Ramsay about his short vacation in Australia during the Holy Week. He returned in Manila a day before he signed the exclusive contract with TV5.

Before facing the media to answer questions about his reported transfer from ABS-CBN to TV5, Derek Ramsay took some time to relax by going on a vacation in Australia.

The actor left the country on the night his former home network announced that he’s no longer a Kapamilya talent. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

During his break, Derek tried to veer away from negative comments about the issue and just enjoyed the beautiful sights in the Land Down Under.

"I enjoyed my Easter break kasi it was a relief," said Derek in an interview after the press conference prepared for him by TV5 network last night, April 10.

"I left the country with a smile on my face.

"Slightly wiped off because of the negative stuff.

"But then, all the positive stuff came in.

"Right now, wala namang negative na nangyayari na."

PLAYING GOLF WITH A HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY. One of the highlights of Derek’s trip was probably playing golf with Hollywood star Zac Efron.

Photos of them playing together immediately made its way on different social networking sites.

Like his fans, Derek was equally happy about meeting the former High School Musical actor.

"Kasama ko siya, naglaro kami ng golf.

"Ang nakakatuwa pa no’n, siya pa ang unang lumapit. Sabi niya na [in English], ‘Magaling kang mag-golf, a!’

"‘Tapos sabi niya, ‘You kinda look familiar.’ Sabi ko, ‘No, you look familiar.’

Derek appreciated this gesture from the international star.

"I thought he was just being diplomatic and nice," he said.

"I think it’s true [I’m familiar to him] kasi he’s going to be the endorser for a clothing line here.

"I used to be with the Penshoppe family so maybe he’s also seen pictures.

"I don’t know... wishful thinking," Derek said with a smile.


Did Zac know he’s also an actor?

"I didn’t mention it because I wanted to give him his privacy.

"But my best friend was like, ‘You know, he’s an actor, too!’

"We had a lot of chit-chat, played golf, and it was a good day," Derek said.

If Derek is to describe Zac based on his short interaction with him, the newest Kapatid star said: "He’s a really cool guy, very down-to-earth.

"‘Yong ano lang, maraming bodyguards."

MEETING FELLOW PINOYS. During his Australian trip, Derek was also able to meet some of his Pinoy fans, who gladly toured him around the place.

"I had a great holiday!" he quipped.

"Actually, it was open, I met a lot of our fellow kababayans.

"‘Can we meet you at the hotel?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ So, I’d go downstairs and meet them in the lobby.

"Some of them took me out to the [Sydney] Opera House and bar. I met a lot of the Filipinos there."

The actor returned to Manila last Monday, April 9, a day before he signed a three-year exclusive contract with TV5.

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