Chynna Ortaleza on protest actions against pop icon Lady Gaga: “When you are famous and your album sales are up, it’s automatic isn’t it?"

Chynna Ortaleza is undeniably the number one fan among local celebrities of Hollywood singing sensation Lady Gaga. Chynna claims that she was among the first to appreciate Lady Gaga’s kind of music: “She composes and writes her music and is not afraid to step out of the mold. I’m just a believer if equality and acceptance."

Kung may isang artista na maituturing na certified Lady Gaga fan, ito ay walang iba kundi si Chynna Ortaleza.

Kumpleto si Chynna ng albums ni Lady Gaga; pati style nito sa pictorials ay ginagaya niya.

Madalas din niyang naitu-tweet ang paghanga sa Hollywood singer at nag-iipon para makabili ng napakamahal na tickets ng concerts nito.

Isa nga si Chynna sa mga nanood ng concert ni Lady Gaga sa MOA Arena ng Born This Way Ball ngayong gabi, May 21.

Kaya naman hiningan ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng pahayag si Chynna tungkol sa iniidolong mang-aawit sa gitna ng batikos na nakukuha nito mula sa ilang sektor.

Una raw nagustuhan at naging fan siya ni Lady Gaga sa mga singles nitong “Just Dance” at “Poker Face.”

Ani Chynna, “I started to really appreciate her because of her talent.

“She composes and writes her music and is not afraid to step out of the mold. I’m just a believer of equality and acceptance.

“I appreciate that about Gaga. She wants people to be happy with what they have, what they were born with.

“So that is also another reason why I like her.”

LADY GAGA CONCERT. Talagang na-excite at masaya si Chynna nang malaman niyang magko-concert si Lady Gaga sa bansa.

“When I found out that there was going to be a concert here in Manila, I was super happy.

“Foreign artists that are as a big as her rarely visit us... usually they concentrate on America and Europe.

“So, I appreciate the fact that she makes it a point to see and perform for fans.”


Sabi pa niya, “I am excited to see her perform for us. She is excellent ‘pag live.

“I am also excited to see what the Haus of Gaga [behind-the-scenes creative team ni Lady Gaga].

“They are highly creative and I love that environment.”

PROTESTS. Nang malaman na tuloy pa rin ang concert ni Lady Gaga sa kabila ng mga protesta ng magkabilang kampo, ano ang naging reaksiyon Chynna?

"About the protest actions? At first I found it amusing.

“There are so many other problems that need to be addressed. Napaka-surface [babaw] naman.

“I can’t help but think that it’s a publicity stunt. It’s working wonders by the way—everyone is cashing in.”

Ano ang reaksiyon niya sa mga nagsasabing "blasphemous" ang music nito and that Lady Gaga is "satanic"?

Sabi ni Chynna, “When you are famous and your album sales are up, it’s automatic isn’t it?

“You are the antichrist or satanic. Do people really believe this?

“Why can’t we just be happy for another person’s success and concentrate on our own path?

"Her music has touched so many people.”

Dugtong pa niya, “I have not felt the urge to go satanic or commit anything that would ruin my morality.

“Sa mga protesters, I respect their opinion. It’s a free country.

“Conflict is usually the start of a breakthrough so let it take its course.”





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