BB Gandanghari sees herself working with Carmina Villarroel in any kind of project

BB Gandanghari on her next acting assignment: “Naku, you’re in for a big surprise! Oo. Kasi parang puwede n’yong i-expect na yung kung ano man yung character na ipapagawa sa ’kin dito, it will be yung parang… I will become the character, that I can promise."

BB Gandanghari is cast in TV5’s first fantasy series, Enchanted Garden, which is expected to air this July.

BB will co-star with Alice Dixon, Rufa Mae Quinto, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Zoren Legaspi.

At the said show’s story conference yesterday, June 11, at Max’s restaurant on Scout Tuazon, Quezon City, BB shared how excited she is about this project.

“I’m very, very excited!

"In fact, hindi ako nambobola or something, pero nagbo-border ako dun sa parang hindi ako makapaniwala na may gagawin akong teleserye.

“Kasi nga, nung umuwi naman ako dito, I had plans of doing something, pero never from my wildest dreams na [na-imagine kong] gagawa ako ng teleserye sa pag-uwi kong ito.

“So I’m very excited. It comes as a surprise actually.”

According to BB, she was originally supposed to do a reality show but things did not work out.

“I was supposed to do a reality TV na, yun na nga, e, nung pag-uwi ko dito, hindi kami nagkaintindihan.


"May mga bagay na hindi napagkasunduan so I just opted not to do it.”

BB’s character in Enchanted Garden will be that of a rich but snobbish proprietress of a beauty spa with a well-kept secret.

Is this kind of character something she had always wanted to do?

“Oo, in fact, and what I’ve heard is gagawing parang geisha ang look ng lola dito.

“Totoo ’yan, it’s all I’ve been… hindi naman dreaming, but imagining what character na I wanna play.

"So, yeah, I’m very excited,” she said with a smile.

MORE THAN READY. Working with some old friends that she used to work with in her “past life,” is she ready to show what BB is capable of?

“I’m ready, I’m very… I mean, you know, I can’t be readier.

"I’m very ready and I really can’t wait, I really can’t wait,” she forcefully said.


We all knew Rustom Padilla as a good actor. What can we expect from BB as an actress?

With a very thrilled voice, she answered, “Naku, you’re in for a big surprise!

“Oo. Kasi parang puwede n’yong i-expect na yung kung ano man yung character na ipapagawa sa ’kin dito, it will be yung parang… I will become the character—that I can promise.

“I will not only play a character, I will become that character.

"So, ayan. So, abangan n’yo ’yan.”

WORKING WITH CARMINA. When asked which actors she would want to work with in the future, BB just couldn’t choose.

“Marami, e. Kahit sino? Ang dami!” she said, overwhelmed.

With BB working alongside Ruffa and Zoren, it would have been very intriguing if Carmina was also a part of the cast.

PEP asked BB about the possibility of working with Carmina in future projects.


She said, “Carmina has always been a possibility. And I’m not closing any doors as far as projects with Carmina is concerned.

“Hindi mo kasi alam kung kailan mangyayari yun, e. But I’m not closing any doors.

“In the same manner na dito sa ’min ni Zoren, who would ever thought na I will be doing a project with Zoren?

"But now we’re doing it. So, yeah.”

What possible projects would she want to have with Rustom’s ex-wife?

“Ang dami nga, e. Kasi kami ni Carmina… she’s a very good host too, so yeah, maybe we can do a talk show.

"But she’s a very good comedienne so we can do a sitcom, as well.

"And she’s a very good actress, so we can do drama. Anything.

“It will be a pleasure kung ano man yun puwede naming magawa ni Carmina in the future.”


In a previous interview, BB related how Carmina was the first person she talked to before going out in the open.

“Pero what’s important is, uhm, nandun na kami sa punto ngayon na hindi kami mag-iiwasan," BB said.

Are they are already in that "comfortable" stage?

“Getting there," she replied.

"Maybe not very comfortable yet. Kasi hindi pa naman nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon na magkita pa ulit.

“But I think I’m getting there. I think, yung ginawa namin ni Zoren is just one big step towards that.

“Maski naman kami ni Zoren, I can’t say we’re best of friends, or buddy-buddy na kami, hindi naman.

"But I think what’s important is we’ve done the first step.”

NEW LIFESTYLE. On a lighter note, we asked her how she is preparing physically for this new project.

“Meron naman, meron naman. So, in between projects, para kang lie-low, lie low.


“So ever since, nalaman ko na I’m doing this project, balik na ’ko dun sa paggising sa umaga.

"I need to do my exercise and I need to do my diet already, para magkasya tayo sa mga damit natin.”

Though she still eats meat every now and then, BB confesses on trying to become vegetarian.

On her beauty routine, she gave a pageant-winning answer:

“Naku… basically kasi, alam mo… Sa akin kasi, beauty comes from the inside.

“Of course, tutulungan mo ’yan ng mga kung anu-anong nilalagay mo sa mukha every night. Pero still, it comes from the inside.

“You must eat healthy food, lots of greens and then I usually… natutulog ako nang maaga.

“As much as possible, I have eight hours of sleep, I drink lots of water. I do exercise, I wanna stretch it out.

“I do run and [do] yoga,” BB revealed.


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