Aiza Seguerra does not want Charice to be pegged on her: "I may be lesbian, but ’wag mong gamiting ‘uma-Aiza.’"

“Natatawa lang ako sa mga tao siguro na ginagawa akong parang… ’O, si Charice, uma-Aiza!’ Hindi ako… ano ba, ano bang term yun…adjective, noun, I don’t know… But, uhm, I am lesbian. But don’t use my name to substitute that word, alam mo yun. Kasi, I may be lesbian, but ’wag mong gamiting, ‘uma-Aiza,’" Aiza said.

Aiza Seguerra is cast with Mig Ayesa, Vina Morales, and Nyoy Volante in Rock of Ages, the musical which will be staged in Manila starting June 15.

Locally reproduced by Atlantis Productions, Rock of Ages is based on the five-time Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical that’s set in Sunset Strip, Los Angeles.

It features well-loved ’80s hits such as “Don’t Stop Believing,” “We Built This City,” “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

During the musical’s presscon last June 6 at Sir Boy’s Food Republic in Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Aiza described her role:

“I’m playing Regina... we just have to make that clear, Regina,” she emphasized, because the name rhymes with vagina.

And yes, she will be wearing a skirt.

The former child star continued, “Ano siya, she’s a city planner turned activist. Who’s parang ano, talagang siya yung nakikipaglaban…

“She’s fighting for the culture of Sunset Strip since it’s about to be demolished. So yun yung role ko. Hippie.”

WORK ETHIC IN THEATER. This is not Aiza’s first foray into stage acting. She was also featured in Avenue Q together with Rachel Alejandro and Frenchie Dy.

Though she has been on television for several years now, Aiza revealed that she prefers acting in theater more than on TV.

“Kasi dito, sa theater, walang hintayan, e.

"When you’re asked to be there ng 11 o’clock to rehearse the start, 11 o’clock. You finish at 5.

“Kumbaga, yun yung oras n’yo to work.

"They respect you as a professional, yung oras na binibigay mo, they respect it.

“At the same time, I respect them as my director and the production.

"So, kumbaga, talagang nakikita mo yung balikan ng trabaho,” she explained.

What Aiza admires most about her fellow stage actors is their work ethic.


She related how she enjoys working with them.

“Sa totoo lang, napakasarap, napakasarap ng ganito.

"I mean, one thing I love about theater is they’re all professionals.

“When you say ’eto call time, kahit si Mig Ayesa pa ’yan, andyan na ’yan—before call time.

"So, alam mo yun, sana yun yung mamana ng mga artista natin na iba.”

AIZA IN A TELESERYE. But this doesn’t stop her from doing TV.

In fact, she will be a part of an ABS-CBN teleserye, which will be topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap.

“Ayun, so I’m part of it, ako yung… older sister, oh my god! Older sister ni Jodi.

"So, yeah, yun…We’ll start taping na, I think, this June.”

Portraying the role of an elder sister, will she be having a makeover?

“No, no transformation. No transformation, no whatever.

"Actually, sa totoo lang, sa soap na ’to, wala pa ako dun sa zone na [yun].”

Aiza explains that her focus at the moment is still with the musical play.

“Kasi yung zone ko, nandito pa sa Rock of Ages talaga. I really can’t multi-task when it comes to roles.”

NO TO CHARICE COMPARISON. Since Charice Pempengco cut her hair short and changed her image last March, just in time for her concert, she has been compared to many celebrities.

Coupled with ambiguous answers on questions about her gender, people started calling Charice “another Aiza Seguerra.”

We asked Aiza what her take is on Charice’s new look.

“Uhm, I have nothing naman to say about it.

"I mean, with Charice, kahit ano namang gawin niya… whatever she does, it’s fine, as long as she’s happy.

“Natatawa lang ako sa mga tao siguro na ginagawa akong parang, ’O, si Charice, uma-Aiza!’

"Hindi ako… ano ba, ano bang term yun…adjective, noun, I don’t know…


“But, uhm, I am lesbian. But don’t use my name to substitute that word, alam mo yun?

"Kasi…I may be lesbian, but ’wag mong gamiting ‘uma-Aiza.’

“’Cause Charice is a different person. She has her own character, personality.

"She’s not ‘uma-Aiza,’ she’s a whole different human being. So let her be.

“If that’s what she wants, if that image is kung sino talaga siya or whatever it is that makes her happy, let her be. Alam mo yun?

“Kumbaga, enough of comparing, enough of whatever. I think that’s where you mature.”

HAPPY FROM INSIDE. Last April, news about her breakup with partner Chen Sarte surfaced along with rumors that it was caused by Protégé grand winner Krizza Neri.

But Chen denied Krizza’s involvement in the breakup in a later interview.

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When asked about her lovelife, Aiza was elusive.

“Ayokong nagiging issue yung lovelife ko just because nai-involve ako. Id’ rather keep it to myself,” she said.

But she does admit she now has a better perspective on love than before.

“Right now, parang... mas bukas yung mata ko and, at the same time, happy that things are going really well.”

This happiness, she said, doesn’t come from another person.

“Kasi, I don’t think I’d be very happy if nanggagaling sa iba talaga e. Happiness should really come from the inside.

“Happiness is a decision. It’s a decision na whatever it is that you have in your life now, accept it with your heart, open.

“And, I’m just looking forward to more happiness and more things to come in the future.”

Of everything she has been through, Aiza has no regrets.

“I’m not the type of person who regrets.

"I don’t regret since I believe na things happen for a reason.


"And if it happened before, it happened because I was bound to meet someone.”





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