Daniel Matsunaga says reconciliation with Heart Evangelista may not be possible, but, "let’s see what’s gonna happen..."

Daniel Matsunaga described his TV5 contract as “non-exclusive” for two years.

At present, he’s part of the Sunday show Game ‘N Go, and will soon star opposite Alex Gonzaga in Enchanted Garden.

“Move on na ‘ko” seems to be the mantra of Daniel Matsunaga these days.

At the solo press conference of TV5 for him on June 25, he mentions this line about ten times… in a resolute tone.

He tells the press, “I already did move on. Actually, there’s two reasons to move on in my life. One is my work. One is for my personal life.

“And I decided to stay single for a while, focus on my jobs, and focus ako sa trabaho ko ngayon.”

More than two months after his breakup with Heart Evangelista, things have gone back to normal, says Daniel.

“Meron akong workshops ngayon, like a… [learning] Tagalog. Araw-araw may tutor ako, ah, dalawang oras.

“Saka may workshop ako sa acting, hosting… may bagong show ako sa TV5 ngayon. So masaya ako…

“Also, meron akong workshop sa singing, with the guitar. At least six hours every day…”

He admits to missing Heart sometimes.

“As a person, sa friendship, oo naman,” the Brazilian hunk affirms.

But there’s no reason for him to feel sorry and lonely about what happened.

Daniel describes the split “unfortunate,” but he has moved on “100 per cent.”

The model-actor continues, “So, I miss what we have before pero move on ako talaga.

“So I’m now ready for commitment, new life, new future, new work, yung gano’n…”

IS GLAIZA DE CASTRO THE NEW GIRL? He’s ready for a new life, but his plan is to stay single for a while.

So when the rumor linking him to Glaiza de Castro is brought up, he quickly says, “Hindi totoo yun.”

He relates how it all began, “So, nagtrabaho kami dati sa Grazilda, yung show sa GMA.

“We were friends, very good friends… And hahanapin ko siya, di ba, dun sa Twitter. And sabi ko, ‘How are you, Grazilda?’ Yung gano’n… ‘Kumusta ka na? God Bless.’ And then she answered…”


But “nothing else,” he insists, happened afterwards.

HOW ABOUT RECONCILING WITH HEART? According to him, love is the farthest thing from his mind, at present.

And he’s not entertaining the possibility of reconciling with his ex-girlfriend.

“Siguro, we will not come back together again,” he says, but adds, “Let’s see what’s gonna happen, di ba?

“I still have a long, long way to go.

"And I already moved on, so yung expectations ko ngayon is that I’m really, really not thinking of love life right now. I really think about work and work and work…”

But during the press conference, it seemed the reporters couldn’t think of other topics aside from Heart.

When pressed to reveal the real cause of their breakup, his vague answer: “stress… tsismis”

When asked to elaborate about their problems, he responds, “Wala, wala.

“Siguro yung stress, stress around us. Hindi ko alam. It’s very, very personal. So we, we… unfortunately didn’t end up together.”

Does it have anything to do with Heart’s family?

“Well, hindi ko alam po kasi, I did my best to be close to them, di ba… to be very close with family, the whole family, not just to Heart.

“But kasi, for me, it’s very important to not just, you know, to have a girlfriend, but to have plans with your girlfriend and then you don’t know the parents, yung gano’n…

“So I was really getting close to family, and I don’t know what happened… So if there is this tsismis, hindi ko alam kung totoo.”

Is it because you got tired of each other?

"It just happened, you know, it just didn’t really work out…”

In an interview, Heart said “cultural differences.” Does he agree?

“Yes… That’s what she said so... I don’t really know too much the [difference] of the cultures, okay. Kasi it’s very, very close.


“Siguro, our relationship didn’t really work well, and it happens every relationship. Everybody have a yung breakup.

“Yeah, there was one thing hindi ko expect. And I understand, so makaka-move on talaga kami.”

If he weren’t in Brazil, could they have saved their relationship?

“Maybe, baka it would be different…

“ But siguro, it has its ways, di ba… There’s always a reason why I went there. Siguro, di ba, we’ll never know why, pero it could have changed something…

“Pero hindi din.”

One thing he’s sure about, before he left, “that time we were okay,” he recalls.

Did the breakup come too sudden for him?

“Well, kind of… Kasi it was the decision with two of us, di ba. Both of us we decided to separate like that. That’s why still, we are friends.”

Moving on, “I’m really ready for everything that’s coming [in the] future for me right now.”

DREAM PROJECT. Daniel is dead-set on becoming an action star/ dramatic actor.

Given the chance, he wants to become the “Will Smith” of the Philippines.

And he’s not going to be choosy when it comes to his leading lady.

Daniel says, “For me if they can pair me up with any of them would be okay.

“I don’t really know a lot of names po kasi bago ako dito sa showbiz and also, bago ako sa TV5…”

But a project with Sharon Cuneta would fulfill what’s on top of his wish list. “Superstar siya talaga,” he remarks.

The “very sad days” seem to be over now indeed.

Smiling, Daniel underscores, “Well, I know I have lost a lot, pero I also have gained a lot.”





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