PEP EXCLUSIVE. Yoga instructor Al Galang on Dra. Vicki Belo: "Well I’m just happy that she seems way more at peace these days."

Dra. Vicki Belo and Al Galang developed this "Belofy Me" app, which gives an idea on how one will look after going through a cosmetic surgery.

“Sila ba?”

This was the question of some guests who noticed the sweetness of Dra. Vicki Belo and Al Galang at the birthday party of Ruffa Gutierrez last June 30.

In an interview with 24 Oras, the famous beauty doctor was quick to say that her yoga instructor is just a “good friend."

The sightings, she said, can be explained because of this project called “Belofy Me," which is the first and only free cosmetic surgery simulation mobile app for iPhone and iPad in the Philippines.

Dra. Vicki added, “He’s helping with the app. Siguro kaya lagi kami natsi-tsismis kasi lagi kami magkasama developing the app.”

Back to her love life, Dra. Vicki said she’s setting an age requirement this time.

Smiling, she quipped, “Ayoko na ng young kasi nahihirapan talaga ako. Kung gustong mag-apply, mga 35, 45, 50, puwede…”

One thing she didn’t explain: their reported sweetness.

"DON’T QUALIFY YET…” Earlier, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) received a video showing what was described by the sender a "sweet moment" between the beauty doctor and the yoga instructor.

The sender, who also attended Ruffa’s party, requested for anonymity. (CLICK HERE.)

To settle the real score, we got in touch with Al via text, and informed him about the video.

His reply (published as is): “Well I’m just happy that she seems way more at peace these days :) its such a breath of fresh air not to see her in pain.”

The last time we spoke to him about Dra. Vicki was sometime in February, when his name was dragged into the controversial breakup of the latter with Hayden Kho, Jr.

We asked a follow-up question: is he “partly causing that glow or happiness” of the beauty doctor?

Al answered, “obviously I can’t say if it’s really me that’s making her bloom, but I know I’ve tried my best lately to help her get groove back :)”


When asked about the media’s speculation, he simply said, “I thought that was done :p”

Lastly, with regard to Dra. Vicki’s statement on the real score between her and Al, here’s what the 32-year-old (one blogger said he’s 28) hunk told PEP:

“As far as I know though, she set an age minimum for her next guy, and I definitely don’t qualify yet!”





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