AGB Nielsen Mega Manila Household Ratings (July 3-5): Kapuso daytime shows bury competition; Kapamilya primetime soaps ahead

Daytime winners: (L-R) Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon of Eat Bulaga!; Kris Bernal of Hiram Na Puso, Maxene Magalona of Faithfully, and Jackie Rice of Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?.

Here are the comparative Rating Points of ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA-7 programs from July 3 to 5, 2012 based on the overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Phils among Mega Manila households:

July 3, Tuesday


I Witness Replay (GMA-7) 1.7%; XXX Replay (ABS-CBN) 1.6%;USI Replay (TV5) 0.4%

Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 10.7%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 7.8%; Good Morning Club (TV5) 1.8%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 4.3%

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 9.3%; Pokemon (GMA-7) 10.3%; Kris TV (ABS-CBN) 9.8%; Fish Hooks (TV5) 6.1%; Phineas and Ferb (TV5) 6.1%

Inuyasha (GMA-7) 11.8%; Dinosaur King (ABS-CBN) 5%; Codename: Kids Next Door (TV5) 5.4%

Fairytail (GMA-7) 12.7%;Gash Bell (ABS-CBN) 5.2%

One Piece (GMA-7) 13.7%; Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (ABS-CBN) 4.6%; Dexter’s Laboratory (TV5) 5.6%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Ang Kuya Kong Siga (GMA-7) 16.2%;Kapamilya Blockbusters: Dalaw (ABS-CBN) 9.3%; Ben 10 (TV5) 6.5%; Face To Face (TV5) 11.1%


Chef Boy Logro Kusina Master (GMA-7) 17.9%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 29.6%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 7.9%; Sinetanghali: The Winds in the Willows (TV5) 7.1%; Super Sine 5: The Day After Tomorrow (TV5) 10.8%

Hiram Na Puso (GMA-7) 20.3%; Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (ABS-CBN) 8.4%; White Lies (TV5) 4.9%

Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? (GMA-7) 19.4%; Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (ABS-CBN) 10.5%; Love You A Thousand Times (TV5) 5.4%

Faithfully (GMA-7) 20.2%; PBB Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012 (ABS-CBN) 8.8%; Pink Lipstick (TV5) 5.1%; Sharon Kasama Mo Kapatid (TV5) 3.5%

It Started With A Kiss 2 (GMA-7) 17.4%; Hiyas (ABS-CBN) 10%; T3 Kapatid Sagot Kita! (TV5) 7%


My Daddy Dearest (GMA-7) 18%;Aryana (ABS-CBN) 16.8%;Aksyon (TV5) 10.4%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 28.6%; TV Patrol 25 (ABS-CBN) 24.9%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 8%

Luna Blanca (GMA-7) 24%; Princess And I (ABS-CBN) 26.1%

Makapiling Kang Muli (GMA-7) 23%; Walang Hanggan (ABS-CBN) 32.4%; Runaway (TV5) 5%

One True Love (GMA-7) 22.3%; Lorenzo’s Time (ABS-CBN) 23.9%; Super Sine Prime: The Kingdom (TV5) 6.5%

Lie To Me (GMA-7) 18.3%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 15.1%

Saksi (GMA-7) 11.3%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 7.4%; Pilipinas News (TV5) 2.5%

Reporter’s Notebook (GMA-7) 6.5%; Chuno The Slave Hunter (GMA-7) 3.4%; Patrol ng Pilipino (ABS-CBN) 3.6%; Journo (TV5) 0.8%; Juicy! (TV5) 0.7%

Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 2.9%; Cge TV In Da Loop (ABS-CBN) 1.3%; The Medyo Late Night Show With Jojo A. All The Way (TV5) 0.2%


July 4, Wednesday


Reporter’s Notebook Replay (GMA-7) 1.5%; Patrol ng Pilipino Replay (ABS-CBN) 0.9%; Bitag Replay (TV5) 0.4%;Journo Replay (TV5) 0.6%

Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 8.8%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 6.2%; Good Morning Club (TV5) 1.4%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 3.2%

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 8.2%; Pokemon (GMA-7) 8.1%; Inuyasha (GMA-7) 9.1%; Kris TV (ABS-CBN) 7.2%; Fish Hooks (TV5) 4.6%; Phineas and Ferb (TV5) 4.5%

Fairytail (GMA-7) 9.9%;Dinosaur King (ABS-CBN) 3.7%; Codename: Kids Next Door (TV5) 4%

One Piece (GMA-7) 11%;Gash Bell (ABS-CBN) 3.6%; Dexter’s Laboratory (TV5) 4.8%

Cooking With The Stars (GMA-7) 7.3%; Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (ABS-CBN) 4.1%; Ben 10 (TV5) 6%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Yaya and Angelina (GMA-7) 10.8%;Kapamilya Blockbusters: Petrang Kabayo (ABS-CBN) 9.6%; Cooking Kumares (TV5) 4.1%; Face To Face (TV5) 8.8%


Chef Boy Logro Kusina Master (GMA-7) 15.1%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 27.3%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 7.2%; Sinetanghali: The Seeker The Dark is Rising (TV5) 6.3%; Super Sine 5: Omega Doom (TV5) 6%

Hiram Na Puso (GMA-7) 19.6%; Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (ABS-CBN) 8.1%; White Lies (TV5) 3.8%

Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? (GMA-7) 17.2%; Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (ABS-CBN) 9.9%; Love You A Thousand Times (TV5) 5.1%; Pink Lipstick (TV5) 4.3%

Faithfully (GMA-7) 17.4%; PBB Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012 (ABS-CBN) 9.1%; Sharon Kasama Mo Kapatid (TV5) 3.4%

It Started With A Kiss 2 (GMA-7) 16.9%; Hiyas (ABS-CBN) 9.4%; T3 Kapatid Sagot Kita! (TV5) 5.7%


My Daddy Dearest (GMA-7) 17.5%;Aryana (ABS-CBN) 14.7%;Aksyon (TV5) 9.8%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 27.6%; TV Patrol 25 (ABS-CBN) 22%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 9.6%

Luna Blanca (GMA-7) 23.4%; Princess And I (ABS-CBN) 23.2%

Makapiling Kang Muli (GMA-7) 21.7%; Walang Hanggan (ABS-CBN) 29.4%

One True Love (GMA-7) 21%; Lorenzo’s Time (ABS-CBN) 24.8%; Runaway (TV5) 5.2%

Lie To Me (GMA-7) 18.3%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 14.2%; Super Sine Prime: Behind Enemy Lines (TV5) 9.2%

Saksi (GMA-7) 10%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 6.8%; Pilipinas News (TV5) 3.1%

Born To Be Wild (GMA-7) 6.8%; Ako Ang Simula (ABS-CBN) 3.7%; Anggulo (TV5) 1.4%

Chuno The Slave Hunter (GMA-7) 4.5%; Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 3.6%; Cge TV In Da Loop (ABS-CBN) 1.6%; Juicy! (TV5) 1.1%; The Medyo Late Night Show With Jojo A. All The Way (TV5) 0.5%

July 5, Thursday


Born To Be Wild Replay (GMA-7) 1.2%; Matanglawin Replay (ABS-CBN) 0.9%;Wanted Replay (TV5) 0.6%; Anggulo Replay (TV5) 0.8%


Unang Hirit (GMA-7) 5.8%; Umagang Kay Ganda (ABS-CBN) 4.5%; Good Morning Club (TV5) 1.1%; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (TV5) 3.6%

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 7.2%; Pokemon (GMA-7) 8%; Kris TV (ABS-CBN) 6.8%; Fish Hooks (TV5) 4.3%; Phineas and Ferb (TV5) 4.4%

Inuyasha (GMA-7) 9%; Dinosaur King (ABS-CBN) 3.5%; Codename: Kids Next Door (TV5) 3.8%

Fairytail (GMA-7) 10.4%;Gash Bell (ABS-CBN) 3.4%

One Piece (GMA-7) 11%; Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (ABS-CBN) 3.7%; Dexter’s Laboratory (TV5) 4.2%

Kapuso Movie Festival: Lab En Kisses (GMA-7) 11%;Kapamilya Blockbusters: I Do (ABS-CBN) 7.1%; Ben 10 (TV5) 5.5%; Face To Face (TV5) 10.3%


Chef Boy Logro Kusina Master (GMA-7) 14.1%; Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 25.2%; It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) 6.4%; Sinetanghali: Magic in the Water (TV5) 8.2%; Super Sine 5: War of the Worlds (TV5) 9.2%

Hiram Na Puso (GMA-7) 19.8%; Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (ABS-CBN) 6.6%; White Lies (TV5) 4.3%

Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? (GMA-7) 15.7%; Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo (ABS-CBN) 9.9%; Love You A Thousand Times (TV5) 4.7%

Faithfully (GMA-7) 14.9%; PBB Teen Edition 4 Uber 2012 (ABS-CBN) 8%; Pink Lipstick (TV5) 4%; Sharon Kasama Mo Kapatid (TV5) 2.5%

It Started With A Kiss 2 (GMA-7) 13.7%; Hiyas (ABS-CBN) 9%; T3 Kapatid Sagot Kita! (TV5) 5.3%


My Daddy Dearest (GMA-7) 15.3%;Aryana (ABS-CBN) 14.4%;Aksyon (TV5) 9.2%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 27%; TV Patrol 25 (ABS-CBN) 22.7%; Wil Time Bigtime (TV5) 9.8%

Luna Blanca (GMA-7) 23.9%; Princess And I (ABS-CBN) 25%

Makapiling Kang Muli (GMA-7) 20.2%; Walang Hanggan (ABS-CBN) 30.8%

One True Love (GMA-7) 21.3%; Lorenzo’s Time (ABS-CBN) 25.5%; Runaway (TV5) 5.2%

Lie To Me (GMA-7) 18.6%; Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (ABS-CBN) 14.7%; Super Sine Prime: The Departed (TV5) 7.4%

Saksi (GMA-7) 9.3%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 6.3%; Pilipinas News (TV5) 3%

Rescue (GMA-7) 6%; Chuno The Slave Hunter (GMA-7) 4.4%; Krusada (ABS-CBN) 3.2%; Insider (TV5) 2.1%

Just For Laughs Gags (GMA-7) 3.2%; Cge TV In Da Loop (ABS-CBN) 1%; Juicy! (TV5) 1.5%; The Medyo Late Night Show With Jojo A. All The Way (TV5) 0.9%

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