Malacañang declares July 13 Day of National Remembrance for Dolphy

President Noynoy Aquino has issued Proclamation No. 433, declaring July 13, 2012 National Day of Remembrance to honor the memory of the late Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon, Sr.

Idineklara ng Malacañang ang July 13, 2012, Biyernes, bilang National Day of Remembrance para kay Dolphy.

Ito ay bilang pagpupugay sa mga alaala ng yumaong Comedy King.

Ayon sa statement na inilabas ni deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte kagabi, July 12, "Tonight President Benigno S. Aquino III issued Proclamation No. 433, declaring tomorrow, July 13, 2012 a National Day of Remembrance to honor the memory of the late Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon, Sr."

Ginawa ang proklamasyon pagkatapos dumalaw ni Pangulong Aquino, kasama ang ilang miyembro ng gabinete, sa burol ni Dolpy sa Heritage Memorial Park sa Taguig City kahapon.

Inisyu ang naturang proklamasyon "in recognition of how the nation deeply feels the passing of Dolphy."

Ayon kay Valte, "On the Day of National Remembrance, to honor the memory of the late Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon Sr., the President asks all our countrymen to reflect on the art and artistry, the personal kindness and generosity, and deep patriotism of Dolphy, and the manner in which he exemplified in his works and life, the positive values of the Filipino people."

Idinagdag ni Valte na kahit na nagdadalamhati ang bansa sa pagpanaw ng King of Comedy, dapat ding ipagdiwang ng mga Pinoy ang kanyang legacy.

"We should never forget that Dolphy made generations of Filipinos laugh; he was unparalleled in tapping into our inherently jovial spirit—that both challenges and triumphs could be met with optimism and cheer; and that therefore, this was the greatest gift he gave the Filipino people, and this is the kindness that he will always be remembered for: Dolphy was relentless in reminding us all to always open ourselves to joy.

"The President asks all our countrymen to make this Day of Remembrance a celebration of the full life that Dolphy, with utmost generosity, shared with the country.”

Sa naturang proklamasyon, sinabi ni Valte na inilarawan ni Pangulong Aquino si Dolphy bilang: "a man who will live on in Philippine cultural history and in the hearts of many of his countrymen."


Dagdag niya, "[He also] said that every milestone that Dolphy marked in a career that spanned decades, raised the standards of the entertainment industry, and strengthened our cultural identity, giving innumerable aspirants an example to look up to."

Binanggit din daw ni PNoy ang pagiging pilantropo ni Dolphy, na ang ginagawang pagtulong sa mga charitable institutions ay "driven by a deep-rooted recognition of the promise within his fellowmen and a genuinely generous heart."

Ayon pa kay Valte, ang proklamasyong ito ng Presidente "is in keeping with the wishes expressed by the late Dolphy himself, and his family, that he be remembered not with sadness, but with the same warmth and joy he brought to the lives of millions throughout his career."

Nauna nang ipinahayag ni Pangulong Aquino na pabor siyang hiranging National Artist si Dolphy, ngunit nilinaw niyang kailangang dumaan muna ito sa tamang proseso.

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Pumanaw si Dolphy noong July 10, Martes.





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