Artista Academy finalist Chanel Morales ready to face showbiz intrigues: "This is what I want."

Yes, her name Chanel Morales was taken from the global fashion brand. But no, she’s not wearing a Chanel perfume. "Siguro, pagkatapos [ng Artista Academy awards night], makakabili na ako..."

If her Artista Academy audition did not turn out well, Chanel Morales is probably enjoying her semestral break by now.

Last June, "to study" was her reason for coming to the city.

The Bacolod beauty related, "For two weeks, pumunta ako ng Manila to study in UST [University of Santo Tomas]. For two weeks, I took up BSN, Nursing."

But she ended up attending Artista Academy, and landing the show’s "Honor List" four months later.

Now, "to earn" is her reason for staying.

Thanks to her parents—who did not only accompany Chanel during audition, but also taught her the value of "working hard to enjoy life."

The Kapatid newbie explained, "Kung hindi nagtrabaho yung parents ko, hindi sila nag-work hard, siguro, hindi kami makakaahon. We can’t travel. They can’t send me to school. Baka hindi nila ako madadala dito dahil mahal."

And what did her mom and dad say about the sudden twist of fate?

"Sila din... Actually, my dad wanted me to become an artista long time ago. I really wanted din," Chanel said during the press conference hosted by TV5 for the six finalists last October 21.

GETTING READY FOR SHOWBIZ. Her journey so far is "masaya na nakakakaba... but I’m ready. I’ve worked hard para lang maging top."

The tests and training had taught her the true meaning of "best actress."

She elaborated, "Hindi lang dapat yun sa pag-arte, hindi lang dapat yun sa pagsayaw, hindi lang dapat yun sa pagkanta.

"Dapat all throughout, packaged ‘yan.

"You know how to deal with people. Alam mo yung right things na sabihin ng dapat artista.

"Hindi lang yung magaling sa ganito. Dapat whole package iyan na ma-acquire ng isang best actress."

As a result, it has become her habit to monitor her performances, "Pinag-aaralan ko din kung ano pa yung puwedeng i-improve, ano pa puwede yung mga gimmick na puwede kong gawin."


Does she uses a peg for the character she plays?

"Wala. Kasi I don’t pattern myself sa acting… Pinag-aaralan ko pa para something different naman yung lumabas."

But her biggest asset, according to her, is "determination ko to win."

So, instead of feeling nervous, "I smile every time I perform."

Instead of letting the criticisms affect her, "Every time I act, I have something… parang mararamdaman mo yung sincerity ko sa pag-arte."

Is she ready to embrace showbiz, including the issues and intrigues?

"This is what I want. Pumasok ako dito.

"Siguro at some point iiyak ako with all the ano… hindi natin alam kung ano yung ibabato ng mga tao. I can’t please anybody. I can’t please anyone."





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