Hayden Kho: “I’m not dating anyone.”

Hayden Kho Jr. on Dra. Vicki Belo: "We’re really very good friends."

Are they back? Are Hayden and Vicki together again?

Hayden Kho Jr. had to deal with this question during Allergan’s appreciation dinner for Dra. Vicki Belo, his ex-girlfriend, on November 7.

It’s been a while since PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spotted him in a Belo event.

Smiling, he offered this explanation: “We’re friends. We’re really very good friends.”

Hayden said it was Vicki herself who invited him, and that’s because he’s still part of the company.

“I still work with her,” he said.

“I handle ZO [Zein Obagi] Skin Health, yung ZO Medical… Yeah, I’m the one handling that, and ako din yung nagma-manage ng buong business na yun.

“So that’s something that we put up… well, I had her put up before. Before pa kami nag-away no’n, so tuloy lang.”

It can be recalled that the ex-couple broke up on February 2012, with both parties crying infidelity.

Hayden was then linked to Nancy Castiglione, while Dra. Vicki was linked to Al Galang.

BEING FRIENDS WITH AN EX. But all that is now water under the bridge.

Hayden elaborated, “That seven years of being together and knowing each other and enjoying each other’s company, you can’t just throw that out in the… di ba? Parang you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

“Magkaibigan kami and we know how to support each other, we understand each other suddenly.”

After the split, who made the first move to communicate?


A pause before answering, “Hindi ko na alam, basta nangyari na lang. May mga bagay na ganyan na nangyayari na lang, ‘no?

“Pero we’re friends, we’re friends.”

Magazine editor Tinna Bonifacio asked, “So, you can write the book on how to stay friends with an ex?

The 32-year-old celebrity laughed before segueing into his upcoming showbiz project.

“I can make a movie. Yeah, the Bride and the Lover.

"Hindi ba kasi, I’m with Stages, but I did sign with Growl Inc. as well.

"Growl Inc. sina Leo Dominguez, Girlie Rodis, and Roselle Monteverde. So, I’m almost like a Regal baby.”

(Roselle is the daughter of Regal Films matriarch Lily Monteverde.)

How about TV projects?

“Ewan ko, depende… Ako naman, kung ano lang ibigay sa ‘kin, e, I’m not really, you know, parang attached to anything showbiz.

“Kung merong trabaho, e, di good, kung wala, e, di okay lang.”

Back to his lovelife, is he ready to enter into or revive a relationship?

Hayden’s reply: “Darating na lang ‘yan. I’m always ready for anything, I think.

“Hindi, ang ibig sabihin ko, no judgment for anything.

“I can’t say I’m not ready or I can’t say I’m ready.”

For now, he is “not dating anyone.”

He added, “I’m not seeing, not hearing, not feeling—no one.”

And finding love, he said, is not his priority.

“I like— I like this feeling. I like being somebody for now.”





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