Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office dismisses libel case of Amalia Fuentes against Annabelle Rama and Bianca Gonzalez

Ibinasura ng Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office ang libel case na isinampa ng dating aktres na si Amalia Fuentes (main photo) laban sa TV host-columnist na si Bianca Gonzalez (inset, left) at sa talent manager na si Annabelle Rama (inset, right).

Abswelto sina Annabelle Rama at Bianca Gonzalez sa libel case na isinampa ni Amalia Fuentes laban sa kanila.

Nagdemanda ng libel si Amalia dahil sa artikulo na isinulat ni Bianca tungkol kay Annabelle na lumabas sa Sunday Lifestyle ng Philippine Star noong February 12, 2012.

May pamagat itong “Love, Laughter & Intrigues with Eddie and Annabelle.”

Hindi nagustuhan ni Amalia ang bahaging ito ng pahayag ni Annabelle sa artikulo ni Bianca:

“Lahat ng na in-love kay Eddie, talagang sinugod ko, ine-eskandalo ko talaga sila,” Annabelle shares. She recalls a time she called Channel 9 and asked to be connected to Amalia Fuentes, who was the dating Eddie, "Hoy, ang pangit-pangit mo, iwanan mo si Eddie Gutierrez."

May kinalaman din ang libel case sa mga tweet ni Annabelle noong March 31, 2012, dahil, ayon kay Amalia, “dishonor, discredit or contempt of her person” ang mga tweet ni Annabelle laban sa kanya na nabasa ng publiko.

Isinumite ni Amalia ang kanyang reklamo laban kina Annabelle at Bianca noong June 13, 2012, sa Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

THE RESOLUTION. Si Quezon City Second Assistant City Prosecutor John Patrick Corpuz ang author at pumirma sa Resolution na nagpapawalang-sala kina Annabelle at Bianca sa reklamo ni Amalia.

“Both the respondents submitted individual counter-affidavits. In her counter-affidavit dated September 4, 2012, Bianca argued that the article she wrote presented the actual statements of Annabelle during her interview of her.

“It was merely a statement of past event/s, and nothing more. She explained that the article was not directed against Amalia, nor it was meant to cause her dishonor, disrespect or contempt. It simply depicted the colorful life of Annabelle in the past, as per Annabelle’s recollection.


“On her part, Annabelle adopted the same line of defense as that of Bianca, that there is no probable cause in the instant case.

“All considered, undersigned finds no good and sufficient reason to charge respondents either for the article published in the newspaper or for the tweets made by Annabelle. As regards the questioned article in the newspaper, a reading of the same reveals that it was a fair and true report of Bianca’s interview of Annabelle.

“On the part of Annabelle, she was just recounting past event/s in her and husband’s Eddie’s life during the interview. If ever, she revealed events in their life that involved Amalia, that was but part of the narration.

“Anent the tweets posted by Annabelle, the undersigned holds that there is no such thing as Internet libel under RPC [Revised Penal Code]. Article 355 of the RPC is very specific that libel can only be committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition or any similar means. In 1932, when RPC became a law, there was no computer yet, much less modes of communication via the Internet. They were only introduced recently.

“Legislature therefore could not have intended to include Internet communications as a means of committing libel when it codified the criminal statutes in 1932. Although lately a Cybercrime Law was enacted, the acts attributed to Bianca and Annabelle as allegedly constituting the crime of libel took place before the enactment of the said law.


"In the light of the foregoing, undersigned recommends that the instant case be dismissed."





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