Derek Ramsay answers 12 random “end of the world” questions

“Never live life with regrets,” says Derek Ramsay. The Kapatid actor who suits up for the title-role of TV5’s Kidlat in 2013, also says he might leave the world… naked.

We knocked on wood before doing this interview. Should the Mayan prediction come true— that life on earth would cease to exist beginning December 21, 2012— (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Derek Ramsay 12 random questions.

On the day the world ends…

Q: What would you be wearing?

Derek Ramsay (DR): Nothing. I came into this world with nothing on, I will leave it with nothing on.

Q: Where would you be?

DR: With family… Naked? (laughs)

Q: What would you be doing?

DR: It depends on how the world’s gonna end, if it’s a tidal wave… I know my father and my family would like to hit that straight on. So, siguro we’d form a wall and hit whatever it is straight on.

Q: What would be your last meal?

DR: Beef, noodle soup

Q: Who would have been the last person you spoke to?

DR: You guys [members of the press].

Q: Who would have been the last person you kissed?

DR: Nadine Samonte! [Nadine plays one of Derek’s leading ladies in the upcoming action-drama series Kidlat]

Q: May kissing scene ba kayo rito?

DR: May bed scene pa kami dito, huy!

Q: Who would have been the last person you loved?

DR: Angel [Panganiban].

Q: What would have been the last craziest thing you did?

DR: Wow. I do a lot of crazy things. The last craziest thing I did? Kumain ng bulok na tahong.

Q: When?

DR: Last night, kaya sira tiyan ko.

Q: What would have been the last life-changing experience you’ve had?

DR: Moving to TV5.

Q: What would be your last memory of life?

DR: Family.

Q: Would you have regrets?

DR: Never. Never live life with regrets.

Q: Would you be happy? Content?

DR: You mean would I have lived a happy life when the world ends? Very much so, yeah.






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