Paul Soriano on tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Toni Gonzaga: “Definitely within the next couple of years.”

Director Paul Soriano on his lasting relationship with Toni Gonzaga: “I think we’re, well first of all of course I think our faith in God, that’s the center of our relationship. The trust, we’ve been together for six plus years and the trust is solid so there’s really no reason to doubt each other. And you know we both support each other unconditionally and I think what’s great is that we’re both in the industry. We u

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang direktor na si Paul Soriano noong Huwebes, August 8, sa Music Bank, Timog Ave., Quezon City pagkatapos ng press preview ng pelikulang prinodyus niya, ang Transit.

Sa Transit na big winner sa nakaraang 9th Cinemalaya Film Festival, producer lamang si Paul at ang director nito ay si Hannah Espia.

COLLABORATION. Ang malaking pagkakaiba na siya ang producer at hindi siya ang direktor...

“Well the big difference is, in Thelma, I was the producer and I was also the director, so I pretty much called all the shots. In this case it was a collaboration between me and Hannah.

“I had to, of course, respect her as a director. Even though this is her first film, this is her story, this is her vision and I’m here to support her and teach her as much as I can.

“But at the end of the day, we listen to her and of course there are some times that she’d also listen to me.

“You know great filmmaking is great collaboration and we make a great team,” paliwanag ni Paul.

Ano ang mas gusto niya, siya ang direktor at producer or siya lang ang producer?

“Yeah of course I enjoy directing a lot. I will never stop directing but I will never stop producing also.

“I’m a ’story first’ kind of filmmaker and in this case I believe in Hannah’s story and it is her idea so it is only rightfully so that she direct it.

“But I said I still wanna be part of it so I said, ‘Can I produce it?’

“Definitely my next couple of films I’d like to direct and actually I miss directing.

“During Transit, of course you miss being behind the camera pero you know anytime that I’m doing a film, it’s super-exciting,” diin niya.


FORTHCOMING PROJECT. His next project…

“Actually I have two projects that I’m working on.

“I can’t reveal the identity of my fourth film but it’s a biopic of a modern-day Filipino hero.

“That’s what I’d like to say, so I’ve been researching that for two years. I’m excited about it. I might be shooting that already actually maybe early next year.

“And then my fifth film, it’s also one of the reasons why I did Transit. It’s because when I was in high school or college, around that time, I was very fascinated with Philippine history especially the time when the Philippines saved the Jews from the Holocaust.

“It’s called an open-door policy where President Manuel Quezon devised the plan to save thirteen hundred Jews from the Holocaust and brought them to the Philippines.

“So it’s one of my dream films and now that I have relationships with people from Israel, people from the Israeli embassy here, this film idea is coming to life,” kuwento niya.

DREAM CAST. Paul’s dream cast...

“Well, there’s a lot of actors that I’d love to work with in the future. Like John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo [Pascual], I’d like to work with them, Gerald Anderson.

“I would love to work with Miss Maricel Soriano, Miss Sharon Cuneta, of course the legends.”

Sa GMA ba ay may gusto siyang makatrabaho?

“Sa GMA, this guy, si Marc [Justine Alvarez, na nasa Transit rin] is from from GMA, Ping Medina [na nasa Transit rin] is from GMA, but I mean I’d like to work with anyone.

“I’m hearing a lot of feedback that Miss Carla Abellana is doing very well especially with her soap and I have seen some of it and she seems to be like a very deep actress.


“Of course Marian Rivera and Dingdong [Dantes] I think, pero he also does movies with Star [Cinema], di ba, so...

“I mean at this point I’d love to work with all our beautiful actors here or talented and great but for me the best actors are the ones that can become characters in the films that I tell,” giit ni Paul.

WEDDING BELLS? Bakit maugong ang balitang ikakasal na sila ng girlfriend niyang si i Toni Gonzaga?

“Kasi we’ve been together for six years.

“Of course there’s plans but we’re enjoying muna all these. But it’s sooner than later, I always say that, sooner than later.”

This year ba o next year ang kasalan?

“Definitely within the next couple of years.”

Tumatagal at matibay ang relasyon nila dahil…

“I think we’re, well first of all of course I think our faith in God, that’s the center of our relationship.

“The trust, we’ve been together for six plus years and the trust is solid so there’s really no reason to doubt each other .

“And you know we both support each other unconditionally and I think what’s great is that we’re both in the industry. We understand the demands of our job.

“She’s an actress, host, and I’m behind-the-scenes so there’s a mutual understanding in respect when it comes to our work and we know how to separate work from our personal life,” pagmamalaki niya.

Gusto siyempre niyang idirek si Toni sa isang pelikula; ano’ng project ang naiisip niya?

Aniya, “Well I mean, I haven’t thought of it yet but I was just talking to her the other day, and especially it’s been in the news lately, about the drug mule so sabi ko, ‘Why don’t you be a drug mule, Toni?’


“That would really be a totally one eighty [180 degree turn] from the characters that she does.

“Imagine Toni as a person that delivers drugs to China and to…”

Excited raw si Toni sa ideyang ito.

“She wants to do challenging roles and I think that’s what’s nice about her, she always wants to be challenged.

“Kasi with every project she does, she finds the challenge so that she can overcome it and become better.”

Mas malaki raw ang nagastos niya sa Transit kaysa sa Thelma.

“Because in Thelma I had a partner, here in Transit it was just me lang.

“But you know it’s worth it, especially now you know this is just all a blessing.

“When we were making the film in Israel we never thought it would get this kind of reception, and not just win but swept a lot of, the ten out of fourteen or fifteen awards.

“So you know we’re really running high, you know,” wika niya.

Ang mga awards ng Transit ay…

“Best Film [New Breed Category], Best Actress for Irma [Adlawan], Best Supporting Actress si Jasmine [Curtis-Smith], we got the Netpac [prize also in the New Breed section], the Special Jury Best Acting Ensemble...

“So they gave a special acting award for all our cast, and then we got Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Audience Choice which is the most popular film and Best Director of course si Hannah.”

Nanalo rin ang Transit ng Best Original Music Score para kay Mon Espia.

With these awards, ang nararamdaman ngayon ni Paul…

“Well it’s very surreal. As a group, you know everyone from Irma, Ping, Marc, Jasmine, Mercedes, Hannah, Gian, everyone from team Transit, we were just all on a high and God blessed us with this project,” pagwawakas niya.





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