Sharon Cuneta vents on Twitter once more; may stop using social media to “go back to living my happy life”

Before midnight of December 30, Sharon Cuneta let loose 17 posts on Twitter castigating those she accuses of "hiding behind anonymity, enjoying a very false sense of power."

The Megastar is now planning to stop using Twitter for a while, saying she wants to "just go back to living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love..."

Napikon na nga ba si Sharon Cuneta sa mga bashers at haters na bumabatikos at nanlalait sa kanya sa Twitter?

Napuno na ba ang Megastar sa mga followers niyang may masasamang sinasabi tuwing magpo-post siya sa naturang social media site?

Bago maghatinggabi nitong December 30, labing pitong sunod-sunod na Twitter posts ang ibinahagi ni Sharon sa kanyang halos 700,000 followers.

Sa unang bahagi ng kanyang post, inaalala muna ng 47-year-old singer, actress, TV host ang simpleng buhay noon.

Saad niya, “I remember when life was simpler... When people had some degree of respect for one another because it was just a natural thing...

“And if and when one had an issue with someone, it was discussed face to face, or closed by a well-meaning 3rd person….

“I have worked hard for 36 years, have earned respect the hard way...

"Worked maybe even harder than any other actress because I wanted to prove I wasn’t just what they called me which was ’poor little rich girl...’"

THE MEGASTAR & TWITTER BASHERS. Kasunod nito, sinabi ng Kapatid network contract star na may respeto siya sa kanyang kapwa.

Hindi lang daw niya maintindihan kung bakit sa Twitter ay may mga taong walang magawa kundi ang manira ng kapwa.

Saad niya, “I respected people and in return, was loved and appreciated...

"So it is hard for me to accept that on Twitter, no matter how good you are to your followers, no matter how you go out of your way to make people happy, there will always be some who will show you disrespect, kahit nananahimik ka...

“They will start something and then when you exercise your right to defend yourself, ikaw at ikaw lang ang lalabas na masama... I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am a good human being...

“Perhaps others can talk about how I was as a girl just starting to sing, make movies... How I treated them even then, and how I continue to show them respect when they deserve it...”


“HOW EASILY PEOPLE FORGET…” Kasunod na posts ng ina ni KC Concepcion ay ang tungkol sa mga nagawa niya sa showbiz para sa publiko, na maaaring napasaya naman daw niya sa isang yugto ng kanilang buhay.

Lahad pa ni Shawie, “How easily people forget that I once maybe made them, or their mom, or someone they love, happy......

“How easily they forget that I have given about 1/3 of my whole life to this most ungrateful business...

“The awards, the box-office queen trophies, the top-rating shows and #1 singles and albums...

"But even if they have, or do, I hope they remember more than any contribution I have made to my beloved industry the way I lived my life, raised my daughter with only the help of my parents and friends, how good of a daughter I have been...

“And how much I loved my public. Maybe they’ll even remember how very much they loved me...”

“I DON’T DESERVE THE OBSCENE, PAINFUL WORDS…” Sinabi din ng Madam Chairman star na hindi yata tamang kung anu-anong masasama at bastos na salita ang ibinabato sa kanya.

Diin niya, “And maybe they will think of me enough to remember that I don’t deserve the obscene, painful words I certainly did not grow up hearing around me - just being thrown at me by people hiding behind anonymity, enjoying a very false sense of power...

“I built my career without social networking - arrived where I got without a twitter account. I know you’ll understand if I do not use twitter for some time and just go back to living my happy life with those who truly love me and who deserve my love...

“May you all have a blessed, wonderful 2014, and thank you to my loving followers for your support... I will be eternally grateful... I love you all. God bless you.”


Last Sunday, December 29, naglabas din ng galit si Sharon—sa pamamagitan ng din ng Twitter—tungkol naman sa isang bisita sa kanilang bahay na nangialam daw sa kanyang mga iniingatang kagamitan.

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