100 Most-Read PEP Stories of 2014

These pictures and CCTV footage more or less captured an essential part of Vhong Navarro’s story about the January 22 incident—which also involved businessman Cedric Lee and model Deniece Cornejo, among others.

This year’s most controversial man in showbiz is Vhong Navarro.

His visit to Deniece Cornejo’s condo unit in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, on that fateful day of January 22, led to a mauling incident, rape and serious illegal detention cases, and jail time for the model and her friends Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz.

It also brought in two more rape complaints—one of which was filed by another model Roxanne Cabañero—against the It’s Showtime host.

The entire hullabaloo lasted for almost eight months, and 33 of the articles put out on PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) became part of 100 Most-Read Stories of 2014.

Landing the top spot was Vhong Navarro identifies alleged masterminds behind mauling incident, which generated 1,102,383 unique page views (defined as by Support.Google.com as "the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times.")

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Next to the Vhong controversy were the hook-ups, engagements, and weddings.

Fans cheered when Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli admitted their relationship on June 19.

Millions of viewers tuned in to the proposal of Dingdong Dantes to Marian Rivera on TV last August 9.

And Drew Arellano and Iya Villania caught the public by surprise when their wedding photos circulated on the social media last January 31.

Their story, 6 Reasons why Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s wedding is the coolest, captured 1,011,652 unique page views.

PEPsters, we present the 100 articles that elicited "whoa, wow, grrrr!, grabe, and over" reactions from Pinoys. Data were extracted from Google Analytics, and covered January 1 to December 15.

3. Vhong Navarro reveals alleged sexual encounter with Deniece Cornejo; Deniece claims she was raped 511,119

4. Sheryn Regis allegedly had an affair with another woman 474,826

5. Wardrobe Malfunctions At FHM 100 Sexiest Women Victory Party 2014 471,802

6. Divine Lee’s 11 most memorable moments from Karylle and Yael Yuzon’s wedding 409,802

7. Cedric Lee accuses ABS-CBN of one-sided reporting 400,729

8. Heart Evangelista admits to being frustrated by her Startalk interview with Deniece Cornejo 396,193

9. Mark Herras admits fathering baby girl 388,632

10. Anne Curtis to Sam Concepcion: You’re not classy... 356,876

11. Kat Alano admits being raped by a public figure 338,730

12. Kris Aquino in a relationship with Mayor Herbert 317,559

13. Nadia Montenegro reacts to Mark Herras’s revelation 316,047

14. Vhong Navarro tied, blindfolded, and beaten by six unknown men 314,535

15. Angel Locsin admits Luis Manzano has said ”I love you” since they got together 309,998

16. Wally Bayola breaks his silence on sex-video scandal 305,462

17. Roxanne Cabañero denies being a prostitute, GRO 297,901


18. Deniece Cornejo’s message to Vhong Navarro: “Kung meron man ditong binaboy, hindi ikaw, kundi ako’ng binaboy mo.” 297,901

19. Deniece Cornejo says she filed rape case against Vhong Navarro to teach him a lesson 296,388

20. Annabelle Rama tells Esther Lahbati to shut up 284,291

21. Deniece Cornejo stands by attempted rape allegation against Vhong Navarro; bent on filing case against him 282,777

22. Two Women dragged into Paolo Bediones sex-video scandal speak up 268,773

23. Who is Deniece Cornejo? 267,657

24. Gotcha! Sarah Geronimo And Matteo Guidicelli Together 266,145

26. Roxanne Cabañero on Vhong Navarro: ”Binaboy niya ako!” 266,145

27. Alleged Instagram Posts Of Jinggoy Estrada’s Son Jolo Goes Viral 264,633

28. New CCTV footage shows Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo kissing in the elevator after filing blotter report against Vhong Navarro 261,608

29. (UPDATED) Bea Rose Santiago’s father slams Miss International 2013 for her ”web of lies”; wants public apology from daughter 258,584

30. Lawyer: Vhong raped Roxanne between April 24-27, 2010 254,047

31. Bianca Gonzalez no regrets about Bong Revilla comments 254,047

32. Cherie Gil reveals reason behind sudden exit from Ikaw Lamang 252,535

33. Deniece Cornejo denies using rape issue to be famous 251,023

34. Vice Ganda admits tampuhan with Karylle 249,511

35. Matteo reveals details of courtship with Sarah 243,386

36. Vhong Navarro Deniece Cornejo Cedric Lee Parodies And Memes Flood The Net 235,901

37. Carla Abellana admits breakup with Geoff Eigenmann 234,389

38. Roxanne Cabañero attends preliminary hearing of her rape case vs. Vhong Navarro 232,877

39. SPD Director admits lapses in handling blotter report against Vhong Navarro 231,264

40. Vhong Navarro now being accused of attempted rape by 22-year-old student, says blotter report 228,340

41. Anne confronted Sam to protect Jasmine? 225,316

42. Cedric reiterates Deniece is not his girlfriend 223,803


43. Angel Locsin slams bashers spreading lies about her 222,291

44. Court slaps Claudine Barretto with robbery raps 220,779

45. Roxanne Cabañero camp: We have a case 219,267

46. Maricar surprised by Don’s decision to separate 216,849

47. Raymart camp: Claudine lying about being ”battered wife” 212,618

48. Guji Lorenzana confirms breakup with Kaye Abad 216,243

49. Angel Locsin admits Luis Manzano has said "I love you" since they got together 212,225

50. Vhong Navarro: “Hindi po ako rapist.” 210,194

51. David Bunevacz issues official statement regarding past mauling incident with Cedric Lee 208,602

52. Roxanne Cabañero’s allegations conflict with testimonials 204,145

53. Claudine, Gretchen exchange tirades anew 199,609

54. The Legal Wife Trailer Spawns Viral Memes 199,609

55. PEP EXCLUSIVE. Cedric Lee claims it was Vhong Navarro who begged Deniece Cornejo not to file attempted rape complaint: ”Ayaw niyang masira yung career niya.” 193,759

56. Aljur Abrenica complaints vs GMA Artist Center revealed! 193,535

57. Vic turns 60 via surprise party prepared by Pauleen 190,560

58. Antoinette Taus quashes persistent rumors about love child with ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes 190,535

59. Marian Rivera wows ABS-CBN stars in second FHM cover 189,023

60. Claudine reveals fake marriage, murder attempts 184,487

61. #TheJourneyContinues: Amy Perez Ties The Knot With Longtime Partner Carlo Castillo 184,487

62. Five Photos Derek Ramsay Will Not Be Jolly To See 182,974

63. Heart Evangelista deeply hurt by mom’s public rebuff in Greenbelt before Christmas Day 182,974

64. Luis Manzano on Angel Locsin’s revelation: “There’s smile on my face with that tears in her eyes.” 181,462

65. Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are engaged! 174,632

66. Angel Locsin admits she still has feelings for ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano 173,901

67. PEP EXCLUSIVE. Raymart Santiago facing visitation problems, according to source 173,901

68. Richard Gutierrez finally admits: “Yes, I’m a proud father.” 173,791


69. Vhong Navarro faces third rape complaint 172,389

70. Calvento reveals assassination plot against Vhong 172,389

71. DJ Kat Alano’s Facebook and Twitter posts about rape create buzz 172,389

72. Vhong Navarro’s camp to file legal action against Cedric Lee and other suspects 170,877

73. Helena Belmonte, gone too soon 170,877

74. Deniece says kissing video with Cedric has no malice 169,36

75. Vhong Navarro’s lawyer on threat of Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo to file charges against actor: “Do it. Just do it." 169,365

76. Heart on Marian: We are not friends nor enemies 167,853

77. Rita cries foul over John’s alleged verbal and sexual harassment 166,340

78. Richard Gutierrez reacts to his mom’s suggestion about marriage 163,316

79. Vhong Navarro denies viral photo of abused sex organ is his 161,804

80. James Yap keeps mum about rumored Kris-Herbert romance 161,804

81. Mark Herras complains about James Reid’s attitude 161,804

82. Ellen Adarna calls JC Intal “pinakamalabong boyfriend ever.” 160,292

83. Meet Ali Khatibi: The Father Of Cristine Reyes’s Baby 161,542

84. Was Kim’s tweet a reaction to Maja’s feeler? 158,780

85. Lawyer: Cedric, Deniece can’t escape crime against Vhong 157,267

86. Daniel Padilla admits authenticity of audio-video recording; Jasmine Curtis Smith admits exchanging text messages with Daniel 156,181

87. Ali Sotto touched by Angel Locsin’s thoughtfulness 155,755

88. Rodrigo Cornejo on granddaughter Deniece Cornejo’s rape charge against Vhong Navarro: “It’s either I’ll believe her or not—I chose to believe her.” 155,755

89. Glaiza de Castro reveals some ABS-CBN stars ask for her help to move to GMA 152,731

90. Danica Sotto comments on Vic-Pauleen relationship 149,706

91. Claudine Barretto shows deep wounds, scars in photo shoot; ready to resume court battle against Raymart Santiago 149,356


92. Vice Ganda speaks up about Terrence Romeo’s denial 148,194

93. Bianca Gonzalez And JC Intal Get Married In Palawan 144,365

94. Accused suspect in Vhong Navarro mauling reportedly wants to surrender and turn state witness, says Tony Calvento 139,865

95. Billy Crawford admits courting Coleen Garcia; insists, ”We’re not a couple yet.” 137,317

96. Sarah Lahbati’s mom cries foul over unfair treatment 136,09

97. Derek, Angelica face concubinage charges 133,527

98. Kim Chiu to media on real score with Xian Lim: ”We don’t owe you any of our personal lives.” 130,508

99. Derek Ramsay sued by former partner 128,998

100. Gretchen denies calling Claudine ”baboy, lechon, laos” 126,656





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