Luis Manzano refuses to jump on celebrity wedding bandwagon: “We want it to be as natural, as organic as possible.”

Luis Manzano (in photo) on settling down with girlfriend Angel Locsin: “Kung ma-engage kami, it’s because we are ready for it. It’s because we want to. It’s because we’re ready to settle down and, ‘di ba, start a family."

With the spate of celebrity weddings, Luis Manzano was asked if he and girlfriend Angel Locsin were feeling any pressure to join the wedded couples of showbizlandia.

At the Feng Shui Convention held last December 27, Luis told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Kung ma-engage kami, it's because we are ready for it.

“It's because we want to. It's because we're ready to settle down and, ‘di ba, start a family.

“Not because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

"No. Kumbaga, all their engagements happened on their own time, so ganoon din sa amin.”

Will it figure in his plans this year?

“Marami akong gagawin this 2015.

“I'm not getting any younger, so iniisip ko rin naman talaga.

“But for example, si Angel, she has a movie with my mom coming soon, she has Darna coming soon.

“And in between, ang dami pa rin ginagawa, so 'di ba, I don't wanna take anything from her work, from her focus... so kumbaga, taking it easy,” he added.

PRESSURE FROM MOM. Luis admitted to getting not-so-subtle “get-married” hints from his mom, Governor Vilma Santos.

He related, “Bawat kita ko kay Mommy, 'pag nagkakataon na I'm with Angel, 'tapos nagkataon yung mga barkada ko kasama yung mga anak nila, gaganyan lang 'yan..." gesturing that his mom would wink at him, look at a child that happens to be nearby, and mimic cradling a baby in her arms)

And what answer did Lucky give Ate Vi?

“Bakit hindi si Ryan muna? Si Ryan muna magbibigay..." he joked, passing on the pressure to younger brother Ryan.


POLITICS. This year, will Luis take a more active role in politics?

It seems to be the natural progression. Luis is the son of a beloved provincial governor and his stepdad has been in the Senate for a couple of years.

Luis paused before answering: "My serious answer, it's gonna be there already.

“In fact when I did the Ala Eh Festival sa Taal with my mom, with Angel, with my Tito Ralph, parang, me and Tito Ralph had a very brief conversation na we are going to talk about it very soon, kung bukas na ba yung pinto talaga.

“Not that inaantay lang ako, pero yung ako talaga. He wants to know if I'm ready to serve.”

What will make Luis say, “I'm ready?”

Luis answered, “We always have this na, a physical sign, ‘di ba? For example, you see a white dove.

“Ako, a bit, siguro a good 20 percent... like when you see initials on a car, yung mga ganyan.

“Sa akin, it has to be something. It's either upon praying before going to bed, or upon praying when you wake up.

“For me, that is the best—a sign from God na he's talking to you. Not just through something physical, but through something very, very personal.

“More spiritual, more personal, I think that's the way to find out if you're ready to do something. What better way than to hear it from yourself/God.”

Luis clarified that no one is pressuring him to join or run for office.


He said, “No one—this I wanna clear—no one has ever convinced me to run for politics. Not my dad, my stepdad, my mom.

“They never convinced me, they never told me, 'Anak, run for politics,' or 'Anak, don't run for politics.'

“They've said, 'Whatever you wanna do, think about it. Whatever your decision, we'll be behind you.

“'If you wanna be an actor, a host, a businessman for the rest of your life, go ahead. Mahal ka namin, susuportahan ka namin.

“'If you wanna run, make sure you know what you're doing, make sure you're ready to serve, susuportahan ka pa rin namin.'”





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