SPIN.ph: Salud shoots down CloudFone application to join D-League, bring in actor Xian Lim

PBA commissioner Chito Salud still encourages CloudFone to join next conference. Will Xiam Lim still be part of the team?

THE PBA has denied CloudFone’s application to join the PBA D-League this conference, saying the company filed its application too late.

In a letter by the PBA to team owner Eric Yu, Commissioner Chito Salud said CloudFone missed the deadline for application but nonetheless encouraged the company to pursue membership next season.

"We regret to inform you that the deadline for applications has passed and we could no longer accommodate your request. However, you may apply to join our next season," Salud said.

The PBA, in the process, also shot down the bid of actor Xian Lim to play in the D-League as a direct-hire by CloudFone.

“With regard to your request to allow your product endorser, Mr. Xian Lim, to play for your team without going through the Rookie Draft, we have a rule that all new players should go through the draft, with the exception of players of school-based teams. Hence, we cannot grant your request,” Salud said.


Read: Salud shoots down CloudFone application to join D-League, bring in actor Xian Lim

In an earlier report by Spin.ph, CloudFone team owner Eric Yu revealed that they wanted to include their celebrity endorser, Xian, in their team.

The actor even had a dinner with coaches to talk about the offer.

Yu told Spin.ph, “Just to make sure that his intent is serious, I made him meet the coaches in the dinner to be able to assess. And his first question was when the practices will start. He wants to get back into shape and he wants to be back in basketball shape.”

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