Christian Bautista on why it’s taking him so long to find next girlfriend: he’s looking for wife material!

Christian Bautista is no longer bothered by rumors claiming he’s gay. With a laugh, he says, "Pogi problems! Kasama na rin yun—the haters, the admirers, the people who understand, kasama na dun.”

Next time you ask Christian Bautista about his lovelife, he might just choose to keep mum.

Aside from the fact that it has become a perennial question, “like a template,” as he smilingly described, “I come to a point in my life na I have to reserve some for myself.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to talk to him, one on one, at his pictorial for Watson’s Switch and Save campaign earlier, March 16, at a studio in Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

But don’t worry, ladies, he still is single.

We asked him: “Why?” His last relationship was in 2013.

“Walaaaa!” he replied before adding, “I date naman pero wala.”

It’s not that he’s being picky.

“Pangit kasi [yung term na] mapili,” he said.

Then one of the guys in the room interjected, “Mas alam mo nang gusto mo.”

The 33-year-old balladeer agreed, “Sakto!”


We asked him: “Ano ba yung gusto mo?”

A pause before answering, “At my age, I'm looking for someone who's ready to get married.”

So your next girlfriend will most likely be Mrs. Christian Bautista?


CAREER. For now, while he’s waiting for Miss Right, he wants to make the most out of his career.

“I wanna try abroad,” then adding that he won’t say no to a “better opportunity.”

Christian, who also has a fan base in Indonesia, wants to “try, kung may opportunity, another country.”

Is he referring to Broadway or West End?

“Whatever, if the right opportunity comes… I won't just go there and parang thrive from scratch. I have to pick my battles.”

Given the chance, he wants a project that’s “not gonna waste my time and take anything.”

As example, he cited ex-girlfriend Rachelle Ann Go, whose portrayal as Gigi in Miss Saigon earned rave reviews.


Lastly, we went back to his zero lovelife.

Doesn’t he get bothered by rumors claiming he’s gay?

“Sanay na. Ang dami ko nang tsismis na ganyan. Pag wala kang girlfriend, bakla. Kapag ang dami mong naging girlfriend, playboy ka.

"Talo ka lang lagi. So ganun lang talaga. Nasanay na lang ako,” he said.

Then, with a laugh, Christian remarked, “E, pogi, e, anong gagawin ko?

"Pogi problems! Kasama na rin yun—the haters, the admirers, the people who understand, kasama na dun.”





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