Sam Concepcion understands Rhap Salazar’s comment about non-singers who lip-sync on TV

Sam Concepcion says having non-singers in music industry is inevitable. So, he said, “I will just do my part. I’m just going to create my music and let my music do their job. I think, if I continute to create good quality music, it will be heard.”

Sam Concepcion says he understands Rhap Salazar's controversial comment about non-singers who lip-sync on television.

Sam said, “Speaking on behalf of the singers, I understand where they're coming from.

“There's so much talent here in the Philippines na hindi naririnig, na hindi naa-appreciate because they're not given their chance in the spotlight.

“Definitely, it is coming from somewhere.”

However, the 22-year-old singer-actor quickly added, “But I think we can't take it away from the non-singers as well.

"I mean, the industry and the landscape is what it is. That's how it is right now."

But, as a singer, the Kapamilya heartthrob said, “I will just do my part.

"I'm just going to create my music and let my music do their job.

“I think, if I continute to create good quality music, it will be heard.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview Sam at the opening of Chef's Noodles new branch in Ayala Terraces, Fairview, Quezon City.

LIP-SYNCING. PEP asked Sam: Did he ever lip-sync in his performances?

He replied, “Well, sometimes we don't have a choice to do that, kasi sa ASAP, we sing with non-singers.

“E, mag-iiba raw ang level ng mic kung kami live at yung iba ay hindi.

“But actually, that rarely happens now because I'm not being made to sing at all.”

Given this situation, Sam has this message to his fellow music artists: “I think my message to the singers and songwriters, just do your thing independently.

“Ganun na 'yan, e. It is what it is. That's how TV works right now.

“But that will never stop us from doing what we love, making music and singing.

“There are other ways and other platforms in making our music be heard.

“Lahat naman kami, we all wanna work towards the same goal—that's keep OPM alive and keep the music alive.


“We'll just continue to work hard.”

Sam and Rhap were batchmates in the first season of ABS-CBN's singing search Little Big Star, hosted by Sarah Geronimo, in 2005.

Sam was the grand winner in the Big Division, while Rhap was Little Division champion.

NEW ALBUM COMING UP. Speaking of keeping the original Pinoy music alive, Sam is preparing for his fourth studio album under Universal Records which will be released later this years.

When asked to give a short description about his new music album, Sam said, “Sobrang excited na ako. It's gonna be an all-original album.

“I'm working with the great songwriters and singers for this.”

He also promised his fans that they will hear a different Sam Concepcion in this new project.

“I think every album, I'd like to think na my music evolves.

“This time, I'd like to think na you're gonna hear a better version of me. The sound will be new.

“Just me as a person, how I was as a person two years ago is not the same person I am today.

“Of course, my music will reflect that, so I'm excited for you to see what I've been working on and how much I've grown since then.

"This album is going to be that," he said.





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