Maria Ozawa has no ill will towards Robin Padilla

Maria Ozawa on Robin Padilla: “Of course. There’s nothing weird between us. I would love to [do movies with Robin].”

Maria Ozawa maintained that there’s no ill will between her and Robin Padilla, who abruptly begged off from the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Nilalang due to personal reasons.

During the presscon of Nilalang last Monday, October 12, Maria revealed that she has accepted Robin’s apology for backing out as her leading man for the project.

Asked if she’s willing to work with Robin in the future, the Japanese star replied: “Of course. There’s nothing weird between us. I would love to [do movies with Robin].”

It can be recalled that Robin “begged off” from the said MMFF movie following his wife Mariel Rodriguez’s pregnancy last August.

Maria, for her part, criticized Robin for "calling it off" 10 days before the shooting was about to start.

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But in a (Philippine Entertainment Portal) report dated August 12, Robin’s camp said that the actor privately messaged Maria to apologize for what happened.

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Robin, 45, was later replaced by Cesar Montano, 53, to play the lead role in Nilalang.

Asked to distinguish Robin and Cesar’s traits as leading men, the 29-year-old Japanese actress clarified that she can’t really compare the two actors.

“I don’t know because I haven’t really met Robin before. I don’t know how to compare,” Maria concluded.





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