Veteran broadcast journalist Tony Calvento slams Karen Davila's manner of questioning senatorial bet Alma Moreno

Veteran journalist Tony Calvento (left) questions Karen Davila's motive in retweeting netizens' negative reactions to her interview with Alma Moreno: "Why can't we be kind enough na hindi na palakihin ang issue. Bakit kailangan ilang ulit mong i-post sa TWITTER account mo? Tell us your real motive, Karen?"

Nagpahayag ng pagkadismaya ang veteran broadcast journalist na si Tony Calvento sa panayam ng ABS-CBN news anchor na si Karen Davila sa United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial bet at Parañaque City Councilor na si Alma Moreno sa morning show na Headstart by Karen Davila sa ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC).

Sa kanyang Facebook post nitong Biyernes, November 20, kinuwestiyon ni Tony ang mga napagdesisyunan ni Karen sa kanyang programa.

Isa sa mga pinuna ni Tony ay ang pagpayag ni Karen sa panayam kay Alma upang mapag-usapan at diumano'y itaas ang rating ng kanyang programa.

Sabi ni Tony, "YOU HAVE A SHOW... you owe it to your viewers and the network to come up with an interesting and intelligent episode. They give you a list of people whom you would like to interview.

"You have the final say who to approve. At the onset you would know that this woman would be answering in a different level than the other guests you have had.

"You have the responsibility to maintain the level of discussion in your show. THIS IS NOTHING ABOUT HER RUNNING FOR THE SENATE. This is something about getting her [Alma] there, para mapag-usapan ang show mo.

"Are you desperate enough to up you ratings and show the nation an amusing episode at her expense?

"Is Mornings at ANC outrating you that you had to pull out the rabbit from the hat trick? People who understand know what I am driving at.

"You yourself know what is my point. This is getting to be a bore so let's stop this. Guest other people like Ely Pamatong [who's running for president in 2016 for the nth time] or the likes of him.


"You know what I am talking about. Your vocal followers keep on harping that she is fair game and at least nalaman na nila anong klaseng kandidato itong si Alma Moreno.

"Hindi nila alam yun? Were they part of a lynching mob crying 'release Barabas'?"

Pinuna rin ni Tony kung paano ginisa ni Karen sa interview ang actress-politician.

Pinayuhan ni Tony si Karen na kumuha ng interviewee na ka-level niya ng pag-iisip hinggil sa mabibigat na national issues.

Dagdag ni Tony sa Facebook post niya, "Next time get someone who can discourse with you in an intelligent manner and awe us with your wit and intellect.

"Anong maisasagot ng isang Alma Moreno sa mga mabibigat na issues na ibabato mo? Alam lahat yan ng mga followers mo.

"I know because I knew it myself. I watched because I wanted to see how you will handle it once it gets really too humiliating."

"Her handlers were wrong in accepting a sugar coated invitation and in the end she was not the guest, she was the main course of the feast.

"To put the cherry on the ice cream you tweet and re-tweet about it in your account."

Sa huli, sinabi ni Tony na huwag paniwalaan ng mga manonood na walang mali sa pagtatanong ni Karen.

"Please don't try to fool everyone by acting that there's nothing wrong in your way of questioning. True, but you were talking to the wrong guest. Galing mo Karen!"

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KAREN'S MOTIVE? Sa hiwalay niyang post noong November 19, pinulaan ni Tony ang pagre-retweet ni Karen ng mga reaksiyon ng ilang netizens sa kanyang panayam.

Kinuwestiyon ng beteranong journalist ang motibo ni Karen sa pag-retweet ng mga ito.

Saad ni Tony sa kanyang Facebook: "OKAY FOR THE LAST TIME: I cannot understand why Karen keeps on putting it on Twitter and Re-Tweeting things Alma Moreno said in her program.

"Hindi ba pwedeng tama na yung mga boo-boos na sinabi niya sa show niya. Trending yata gusto ni Karen.

"Why can't be been kind enough na hindi na palakihin ang issue. Bakit kailangan ilang ulit mong i-post sa TWITTER account mo?

"Tell us your real motive, Karen?"

COMPARISON TO TINA MONZON-PALMA. Ikinumpara ni Tony si Karen kay Tina Monzon-Palma, isa pang ANC news anchor sa paraan nila ng pagsasagawa ng panayam.

"ACTUALLY, Alma Moreno's political handler shouldn't have agreed to guest live at Headstart. It was a fatal mistake.

"We all do not know what went on when she was invited.

"I love the way Tina Monzon handles her guests in Talkback. But Tina and Karen are two different persons.

"You cannot compare Bongbong Marcos or even Jose Honrado the GM of the Airport in the way they handle difficult questions."

Ginawa daw sanang mas magaan ni Karen ang panayam upang maiwasan ang ganitong eksena.

Sabi pa ni Tony, "The interviewer had a choice to shift the line of questioning when she sees the show is becoming boring and the interviewee is making a mockery of herself.


"In boxing they call it going back to the neutral corner when the person is down.

"We were taught that you don't hit a person when she is down.

"Karen is an intelligent and good host. She could have showed her wares by turning the whole thing lighter.

"I agree that Alma Moreno has no business running for the Senate. But that was [her] choice and she shouldn't be humiliated or crucified for doing so.

"If I offended some of Karen's fans which I am sure she has legions, I was just expressing my very own opinion."

Bago kay Tony, nagpahayag din ng pagkadismaya sa nasabing interview ang aktres na si Vivian Velez.

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Samantala, dinipensa ni Karen sa kanyang Twitter account ang sarili mula sa ilang bumabatikos sa kanyang panayam.

Sabi niya, "When someone is running for higher office - they must have an understanding of issues. This is a standard we owe to the Filipino people.

“You will choose in the end. My job is to ask the hard questions. Salamat Maam.”





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