Nadine Lustre's mom reacts to demeaning article; tells fans how to be her daughter

"Be responsible and loving daughter." This is how to be Nadine Lustre, according her mom Myraquel Lustre.

Nadine Lustre's mom Myraquel Lustre tells her Instagram followers how to be like her celebrity daughter.

In what seemed to be her response to the controversial Preen article "How to be Nadine Lustre," Myraquel posted this quote from Laurel Atherton on Instagram earlier:

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”

Then, on its caption, she wrote: “How to be Nadine Lustre? Be a responsible and loving daughter.”

How to be Nadine Lustre ? Be a reponsible and loving daughter.

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The article written by Jacqueline Arias for the lifestyle website went viral last night, March 28, for its demeaning content about Nadine's showbiz career and her relationship with boyfriend James Reid.

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James quickly reacted to the article by posting on Twitter the “missing feature” of his girlfriend which the writer might have missed in her article.

For this act, James made his mom, Ella MacDonald, feel proud of him.


Preen has already publicly apologized to Nadine, James, and JaDine fans for any offense the article had made.

Also, “How to be Nadine Lustre” had been taken down from the Preen website.


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