Jasmine Curtis-Smith on Ritz Azul's network transfer: "I'm happy for her."

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is irked by rumors that she is next to move to ABS-CBN now that Ritz Azul has gone ahead of her, "Bakit? 'Yang mga rumors na 'yan, they just want to mess up my relationship with TV5, bahala na kayo riyan. I have no time for that, wala 'yan. Okey lang naman, mauna siya [Ritz Azul]. What's the issue with that? Hindi ito karera."

Nagulat daw si Jasmine Curtis-Smith nang malaman na lumipat na si Ritz Azul sa ABS-CBN.

 Aniya, “I mean, yes, of course, it’s always a surprise when you see someone move to a different network.
“Well, people move to TV5 rin naman.
“Every year, how many artists are moving, and now lots of talents also from Viva.

“I don’t think you can blame anyone, it’s a personal decision. 

“Respect everyone who wants to work, everyone who wants to have food on their tables, roof above their head.

"I think, that’s her main reason naman, if ever.”
Sa tingin naman daw niya, si Ritz pa lang ang lumipat ng network ngayong taong ito.
“I think, siya pa lang naman this year.

“For me, it’s where they find happiness and they find work, I don’t want to judge. 

“Ano lang ‘yan, basta, I’m happy for her. She’s happy.

“I’m happy with where I am too… I’m happy where I stand.
“I’m enjoying everything that I’m getting here in TV5.

“We’re pioneering that new world, that digital world, ‘di ba?
“So, it’s great,” saad niya.

Sa ginanap na press launch nga ng D5 Press Play nakausap si Jasmine ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at iba pang entertainment press sa Shangri-La The Fort noong April 19.

Isa si Jasmine sa may online serye, ang Forever Sucks na maaaring mapanood sa www.d5.com.ph.

FIGHTING WORDS. Sa social media, may mga komento na nagsasabing naunahan pa raw ni Ritz si Jasmine na lumipat ng ABS-CBN.


Matagal na rin kasi nababalita na diumano’y sasamahan na rin niya ang ate niya na si Anne Curtis bilang Kapamilya.
Siya na nga ba ang naba-blind item na susunod na lilipat ng network?
“Bakit? May Panday pa 'ko, may season 2 pa ng Forever Sucks

“‘Yang mga rumors na ‘yan, they just want to mess up my relationship with TV5, bahala na kayo riyan.
“I have no time for that, wala ‘yan.

“Sige, okey lang naman, mauna siya [Ritz Azul]. 

“What’s the issue with that? Hindi ito karera.
“I’m not the type of person na titingnan ko ang kabilang artist.

“‘My gosh, naunahan pa niya 'kong magganito, magganiyan.’ 

“Bakit, siya ba ang titira sa bahay ko? Ako ba ang titira sa bahay niya?

“I only have myself to serve and my work. 

“Ayokong iku-compare kung ano ang meron siya sa akin.

“Iba naman ang life’s plan ko sa life’s plan niya.”

Lahad pa ni Jasmine, “You know what, I really don’t care.
“For me, it’s where I find work,  I’m always busy in TV5.

“I’m always given projects here, may it be a big show, a digital show, may it be a guesting.

“Or kunwari, in Paranormal Activity, they will guest me.

“I always have something to work with.

“And they’re not strict when it comes to me accepting jobs outside the network. 

“I’m grateful kasi pinagbibigyan nila ako.”  

BASHERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Isa si Jasmine sa sa maituturing na “digital babies” sa showbiz.


Karamihan sa kanila ay kaakbay na ang social media o Internet sa pag-usad ng career nila.
Advantage ba ito o disadvantage dahil malapit din sila sa bashers at haters sa social media?
“I think advantage siya na by the time I started yung career ko, lahat digital platform na ng social media for entertainment.

“Advantage na meron na 'kong following na na-garner on social media.

“With the help of people that I’m friends with or my connection with the industry, they help me out also.
“When it comes to the negative stuff that comes with that, let it slide na lang, hayaan mo na.
“I mean, it’s hard sometime but it’s part of the job.

And kapag pinakita mong pikon ka or asar ka, ikaw ang talo.

“Puwede ka namang mapikon, e. Don’t show it.
“Alam mo, channel it to something else para mas maging progressive ang artist.”






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