PEP EXCLUSIVE. Cedric Lee quashes Vina Morales's claim about behavorial changes in their daughter

Hindi nagustuhan ni Cedric Lee ang bagong paratang ni Vina Morales na nagkaroon daw ng pagbabago sa ikinikilos ng anak na si Ceana mula nang sapilitan itong isama ng ama sa loob ng siyam na araw. Sabi pa ni Cedric, "Behavioural changes of a child could stem from many factors, including parental conflict."

Hindi matanggap ni Cedric Lee ang panibagong paratang ni Vina Morales laban sa kanya.

Sa panayam kasi ng singer-actress ng Inquirer na nailathala noong June 15, sinabi nitong nakaranas daw ng “slight behavioral changes” ang kanilang pitong-taong-gulang na anak na si Ceana matapos ang sapilitan diumanong pag-detain ni Cedric dito sa loob ng siyam na araw.

Ayon pa kay Vina, ibinili pa niya ang anak ng asong Pomeranian para raw makatulong sa pag-cope up sa trauma na naranasan nito sa piling ng ama.

Pahayag ng Born For You star sa naturang panayam, “Won’t the child feel confused and worried if she would not be able to speak to her mom for several days?

“She knew that she had to go home every Saturday [whenever she was with her father], but she could not. He did not let her.

“She is just a child. She would absorb everything, but would not be able to discuss it.”


CEDRIC REACTS. Sa ekslusibong panayam ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kay Cedric nitong Huwebes ng gabi, June 16, sinabi niyang nililihis lang ni Vina ang isyu.

“Vina told Inquirer that her argument is not whether Ceana enjoyed her time while she was with me but the point in question was about me not following orders.

“Prior to Vina coming out to media, using this sensitive matter as media mileage for her upcoming TV show, I filed 7 contempt charges against her.

“We have been waiting for a resolution the past year regarding her not complying with court orders. She cannot twist this around.

“How can she say it's not the issue when that is the very basis of her motion to stop visitation rights?”

Noong Biyernes, June 10, naisumite na ni Cedric ang kanyang sagot sa motion ni Vina na putulin na ng korte ang visitation rights niya sa kanilang anak.

Saad niya, “I was able to show through my response to her motion that Ceana was in no way compromised, traumatized or in danger the time she was with me.


“This was backed up by our common friends who were around us.”

Sinamahan muli ito ni Cedric ng mga larawan nila ni Ceana na kuha raw noong magkasama sila.

[Note: Hindi na namin tinakpan ang mukha ni Ceana dahil gusto ni Cedric na maipakita kung gaano ito kasaya sa kanyang piling noong magkasama sila.]



Dagdag pa ni Cedric, “Let me emphasize that Saturdays are not the only days I'm allowed to be with Ceana according to the court compromise agreement.

“Even when Vina and I weren't together, I would see my daughter every day for four years until Vina decided to call the shots when I could and could not see my daughter.

“This is why we have a custody case.”

HOPEFUL FATHER. Umaasa naman daw si Cedric na papanigan siya ng korte at hindi pagbigyan ang naging motion ng dating nobya at ina ng kanyang anak.

Sabi niya, “I am confident that Vina's motion to stop my visitation rights would be denied.

“The judge has a copy of the agreement we signed in 2013.

“The court is aware that I have put up with so much the past years.

“Vina mentioned she is seeing behavioural changes in Ceana caused by the incident.

“She called Ceana up and told her she'd get punished if she didn't go home.


“Behavioural changes of a child could stem from many factors, including parental conflict.

“Ceana has been made aware now that her mother is upset when she spends time with her dad.”

Dagdag pa ni Cedric, “I have shielded Ceana from our custody battle because of its negative impact on my daughter's sense of safety and security which may affect her relationship with either of us.

“To a certain extent, children like Ceana, blame themselves for conflicts of parents. To see her mother upset will give her a sense of false guilt for enjoying her time with me.

“Vina has been saying in her interviews that she is looking after the welfare of Ceana but she should realize that we, as parents, should be providing Ceana an environment wherein our child is not being manipulated to feel guilty about having a meaningful relationship with both parents.”

Samantala, tuloy na ang pagsasampa ni Cedric ng six counts of libel laban kay Vina sa Lunes, June 20; lima dito ay sa Nueva Ecija niya ihahain at isa sa Metro Manila.


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Mananatiling bukas ang PEP sa panig ni Vina kaugnay ng mga pahayag na ito ni Cedric.





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