Alden Richards recounts showbiz journey through his own book

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Alden Richards is happy that Summit Books gave him a chance to write his autobiography entitled Alden: In My Own Words. He described it as "a way of leaving your legacy," as he shares his personal anecdotes and insights about his showbiz journey

Alden Richards is very happy that he was given the chance to write his own book titled Alden: In My Own Words, where he shared his personal anecdotes and stories about his long journey since childhood.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters during his book launch earlier today, Sunday, August 14, he said that he considers this opportunity as a once in a lifetime moment.

He said, “Happy, kasi parang in a lifetime, how many chances do you get to author your own book?

“It’s a blessing po and it’s a way of leaving your legacy, especially siyempre, masasabi mo kapag may anak ka na, may apo ka na, na once in your life, you have done a book.

“And this is for people who have been supporting you, it’s a way of giving back.”

FIVE YEARS IN SHOWBIZ. In his autobiography published by Summit Books, Alden shared his journey and struggles in life before he ventured into show business, including his big break in 2011, and the sweeter moments that he's savoring now that he's considered one of the hottest and well-loved personalities in the industry.

According to him, a lot has changed in his life since his entry in showbiz, including his financial status and privacy.

He shared, “Actually, I really came from a so-so lifestyle.

"Kumbaga, we’re not that rich. We’re not rich actually, pero we’re not that poor naman.

“Privacy has changed. It’s part kasi you’re a public figure, so you really have to make a conscious effort to go to places na minsan walang nakakakilala sa ‘yo.


“Pero it’s part of it, e. Kumbaga, that’s the way showbiz works.”

But then again, if there are some things that haven't changed in his life, it's the way he's remained true to himsel and the way he treats others.

“Ang hindi nagbago for me is I’m still the same person.

“I really can’t say much about that.

"You need to ask the people around me din kung am I telling the truth.”

But despite his five years in showbiz, he said that there are still moments that surprise him.

The 24-year-old actor expressed, “Everyday is a surprise.

"It’s a constant learning experience and parang being part of the industry, you have to be prepared in all kinds of things, the good and the bad.

“Kasi in life naman talaga, there is no really one-side dimension, e.

“There’s always a good side of everything and there’s always a bad side of everything. It always comes together like Yin and Yang.

“So everything surprises me especially kapag may dumadating na blessings, that surprises me a lot.

“Sometimes, yung people that come and go...

"You get surprised with how people come and go in your life when you're part of this industry.”





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