Regine Velasquez defends Leila Alcasid from bashers over "PA for the day" photo

IMAGE Leila Alcasid's Snapchat / Noel Orsal

Regine Velasquez to Twitter users bashing stepdaughter Leila Alcasid: "Hindi nya ako tinawag na PA sakin galing yun."

Regine Velasquez got emotional yesterday, February 11, because some of her fans bashed her stepdaughter Leila Alcasid.

It all started with Leila’s Snapchat photo of her and Regine with a caption that read "PA for the day."

Regine, for her part, has been vocal about supporting Leila's decision to move to the Philippines and try her luck in showbiz.

Leila is Ogie’s 19-year-old daughter with ex-wife Michelle van Eimeren, who's based in Australia.

Some Twitter users, however, reacted negatively and wrote that Regine, also known as Asia’s Songbird, doesn’t deserve to be called a “PA” or personal assistant.

REGINE DEFENDS LEILA. In a series of Twitter posts, Regine expressed her dismay over criticisms hurled against her stepdaughter.

The Kapuso singer-actress firmly explained that the "PA for the day" photo was just a “little joke” between her and Leila.

Regine wrote: “@spiglao grabe ka naman magsalita. Hindi mo ba alam na nasasaktan ako??

“Hindi nya ako tinawag na PA sakin galing yun.”

The Kapuso singer-actress added: “Ang asawa ko never ako pinaiiyak pero kayo…..

“Please stop hurting ang saying bad things about my family you guys are hurting me.”

Regine also apologized to Leila for the bashers' uncalled-for comments.

Regine tweeted: "I'm hurting so sorry my sweetheart @leilaalcasid I love you so much."

Leila, for her part, tweeted back to Regine, “No need, your kindness and generosity will never be underestimated by me. Love you so much.”

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