Denise Laurel, Carmi Martin saw the students who died in Tanay bus accident before the tragedy

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The Better Half stars Denise Laurel (left) and Carmi Martin saw the college students few minutes before they figured in a tragic vehicular accident in Tanay, Rizal, Monday, February 20. 

Denise Laurel and Carmi Martin were saddened over the death of 14 college students who figured in a vehicular accident in Tanay, Rizal, Monday, February 20.


According to GMA News Online’s report, the initial investigation showed that the bus was headed to a medical and survival training for the National Service Training Program (NSTP) “when its brakes failed while traversing a curved highway.”

The bus driver and another unnamed person also died in the accident. 


Denise, for her part, revealed that she fleetingly saw those college students when their bus passed by the on-location taping of ABS-CBN’s afternoon soap The Better Half.


Her Instagram quote card read: “I saw the kids in the bus accident before it happened they yelled and said hi to me while I was taping on the side of the road for the better half and I waved back..


“I'm praying for all of em.. I was so shocked to see all the ambulances passing by.. let's pray for all of them..”

*waved sorry bout the typo

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In a separate Facebook post, Carmi Martin also shared how those college students shouted her name when their bus passed by The Better Half's taping in Tanay, Rizal. 

Carmi wrote, "I saw this kids before they died....

"I was in Tanay this morning shooting for Better half and this blue bus passed by with kids sooo happy for their field trip.

"They even shouted Carmi... then minutes later... 14 of them were killed by an accident."  





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