Roxanne Barcelo not jealous of friends who have tied the knot

IMAGE Miguel Nera

:Roxanne Barcelo is not jealous of her friends who have tied the knot. She says, "That's one thing na tinanggal ko early on in my life, insecurity. Kasi 'yan ang kakain sa isang tao."

At 32, most ladies her age have already settled down, but marriage is not on the horizon yet for Roxanne Barcelo.

Doesn't she feel envious?

“That’s one thing na tinanggal ko early on in my life: insecurity.

"Kasi ‘yan ang kakain sa isang tao.

“I learned something early on in my life which is celebrate your season, and celebrate others’ seasons.

“When it comes to my friends, everyone’s getting married.

“Oh, I attended all their weddings.

“Bridesmaid, go! Maid of honor, go!

“I celebrate everyone’s season because journey nila ‘yon, e.

“Iba ang journey ko.

“Yun lang. Talagang gapang pa more!” she says in jest.

Life, according to the VIVA talent, is like the weather. It is unpredictable.

“Kung ano yung season ko, sine-celebrate ko nang buo.

“Kung tagtuyo, go. Tagtuyo pa more, di ba?

“Inom lang ng tubig.

"And then pagka yung tag-ulan, celebrate it with a grain of salt, and be humble and keep working para tag-ulan pa more."

NOT RUSHING MARRIAGE. Roxanne and boyfriend Will Devaughn will be celebrating their fourth anniversary this May. However, marriage is not yet part of their immediate plans.

She elaborates, “When it’s love, it’s like the universe will somehow sew it for you and it will be interwoven.

“At the end of it, parang mare-realize mo, shocks, hindi ako yung nagsulat ng love story ko.

“Hindi ko siya niligawan. Hindi ko kinareer.

“Hindi ko binuyangyang yung self ko sa kanya.

“It was really God who somehow kept making yung tinatawag na coincidence para sa atin, serendipity."

But of course, the decision has to be made by both of them.

“Pero I really hope na he’s the one.

“It will happen with grace, yung hindi pinu-force yung mga bagay, and getting married is such a big step.


“I feel that there are so many beautiful things that are already happening in my life right now, and if that would happen, great.

“Parang, wow, Solenn [Heussaff]! Wow, Isabelle Daza! Mga ganoon, di ba?

“It’s the frosting on the cake, di ba?”

DREAM WEDDING. Asked about her dream wedding, Roxanne says the venue isn’t really a big deal as long as her parents will be there to walk her down the aisle.

“When it’s the man that God really is giving to you, it doesn't matter where pero what my dream is, is nandoon yung parents ko at nandoon yung parents niya.

“Yun lang. Buo yung families namin.”

Roxanne is grateful she has a family who supports her in every thing she does.

Referring to the ladies who seem to have it all, career and marriager, the actress/singer says, “I don’t care because kung iku-compare ko yung life ko sa kanila, mayroon din naman akong good sa akin which is my family life.

“‘Yan ang hindi ko puwedeng sabihing I’m not blessed, because pagtingin ko pa lang sa family ko, sa parents ko, ay, mahal na mahal ako ng mga magulang ko.

“I’m raised by two beautiful people who support me whether I’m down, whether I’m up, whether I’m anything."

THANKFUL FOR BLESSINGS. Roxanne recently returned to ABS-CBN, where she is part of Wildflower.

She says, “I’m very thankful sa mga nangyayari this year.

“Hindi ko puwedeng sabihin na I deserve it.

“I can’t say na I worked hard for it alone.

“I really believe na it’s really God’s grace na everything’s happening this year na hindi man kitang-kita ng tao lahat ng ganap ko, I’m just happy na I’m busy everyday and I’m in love every day.”






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