Tom Rodriguez's loving message weeks before his father passed away

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During the PEPtalk shoot last March 8, Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez got emotional as he spoke about his love for his father.

Two weeks before his dad passed away, Tom Rodriguez revealed that his greatest wish for 2017 was for his father, William Albert "Bill" Mott Sr., to recover from cancer.

The 29-year-old Kapuso actor once disclosed that his father got diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare type of cancer in which tumors grow in connective tissues in the body.

“For this year, I’m really, really, really praying Pops that you pull through,” said Tom during the PEPtalk shoot held at (Philippine Entertainment Portal) headquarters last March 8.

Tom got emotional as he briefly talked about his father’s illness.

“I know it’s tough and I know we’re all in this fight.

“If there's one dream I can ask for is that hopefully everything will work out to how I know they will with him.”

It was around mid-2016, when Tom was shooting the film Magtanggol, when his dad went through medical surgery for his “8x12” tumor to be removed.


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The Kapuso actor also had the chance to visit his dad in Arizona, USA, during Christmas break last year.

Dad with his babies :):):)

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When PEP told Tom that his dad is blessed to have a loving son like him, his eyes brimmed with unshed tears as he replied:

“I am very blessed  to have a dad like him. That’s why I don’t wanna give up on him.”

William Mott Sr. passed away last Saturday, March 25 (US time).

According to PEP's report last Sunday, March 26, Tom flew to US last March 17 to be with his ailing dad.

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