Jerika Ejercito takes a swipe at Andi Eigenmann

IMAGE Facebook (Jerika) / Noel Orsal (Andi)

Jerika Ejercito takes on Andi Eigenmann in defense of her brother Jake Ejercito. She did not name the actress, but Jerika's posts were clearly her reaction to Andi's fiery charges against Jake.

Jerika Ejercito has stepped into the fray between her brother Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann.

Jerika did not name Andi in her Facebook posts last Thursday, April 20, but they strongly hinted at the Kapamilya actress.

Particularly when they were posted on the same day Andi let loose a series of tweets against Jake and his family.

Jerika's message read: “You want to know what's inside a person's heart? Listen to the way they speak, the words that comes out of their mouth or better yet just check their status. Is it bitter? Is it sweet? Is it love? Or is it full of hate?”

Jake is Andi’s ex-boyfriend and the biological father of her five-year-old daughter.

Jake and Jerika, together with their youngest brother Jacob, are the children of former President and incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada with former actress Laarni Enriquez.

On Friday, Jerika posted her thoughts about silence as the best way to handle “toxic people.”


Her status read, “Silence is golden,” with a picture of a quote that read, “The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play.”

On Saturday, Jerika reposted her brother Jake’s official response to Andi’s tweets.

Jerika’s comment: “For the last time.”

Last week, Andi began her series of tweets against Jake, who filed a petition for joint custody for their daughter last March.

Initially, Jake chose to keep quiet.

But this weekend, April 22, Jake came out with his statement in reaction to Andi’s claims.

He took issue with the actress for dragging his family in their online feud, saying Andi “overgeneralized” and likes to "play victim."


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