Migo Adecer opens up about how his best friends battled with depression

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Gist of Migo Adecer's recounting of how music and faith helped his friends battling with depression: "They felt nice to have some type of role model in their life, like a really strong pillar. To call upon someone's name when you're down. Someone who would never give you wrong expectations. It gave them this kind of strength in their heart."

Kapuso actor Migo Adecer, 18, said it was music and faith that changed the lives of his two best friends previously battling with depression.

“It’s a topic that isn’t spoken too much to the youth nowadays.

“There are a lot of youth that struggles with depression and struggles with this sadness that they think they are going through it alone.

“Yun ang mali. Kasi they think they are going through it alone.

"Little did they know that there’s a lot of people who struggle."

Speaking to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the StarStruck Season 6 Ultimate Male Survivor opened up about going through an “emotional” phase when he was growing up in Australia.

He was in his early teenage years, living the typical school-home-hang-out routine, when he found out that his two best friends were having a hard time dealing with personal troubles and have been inflicting harm to themselves.


It proved to be an ultimate test of friendship, maturity, and true mettle among them.

Migo recalled, “My friends started self-harming themselves to the point that when they came to school, they’d be bleeding all over their arms. Deep cuts.

“They’re not only friends but like brothers to me talaga. As in we did life together.

“We see each other every single day. We go home together every single day. We eat together every single day.

"And all of a sudden, nagkaroon ng problema sa dalawa—mga family problems, high school problems."

For someone who was aged 12 or 14 years old at the time, Migo admitted that he had no clue as to how he should go about his friends’ plight.

“And I even thought sa self ko, ‘It seems so normal sa dalawa. Is there something wrong with me that I’m not doing these type of things?’


“I grew up thinking self-harming is bad. That you should love yourself.

“And seeing this was just so unreal to me.” 

Migo went on to say that he and his two friends struggling with depression did not discuss with him what was going on at first. 

Then they lost contact for six months when Migo went to the Philippines for vacation.

He continued, “When I came back, I decided that instead of being a bystander, I want to be someone to make a change.

“They weren’t helping themselves. And me leaving will just worsen the situation.

“I went back and brought them to church.”

PEP.ph had a solo interview with Migo at the second presscon for GMA Network's upcoming primetime series, The One That Got Away. 

SHARED LOVE FOR MUSIC. According to Migo, he is a praise and worship leader of a Christian fellowship youth group at Hillsong Church in Australia.


Migo recalled that it was one Friday night when he brought his friends to a Hillsong extension service, hoping that its music ministry can help ease whatever troubles they were experiencing at the time.

“We’re all music students kasi. So, how we deal with our problems is through music.

"That’s why music is a big part of my life.

“Because on the times that I felt the lowest of lows, mahirap, e. You can’t speak to somebody who hasn’t experienced it.

“It’s like you’re a mold of clay and because of all the situations that you’ve been through, sobrang abnormal ng size ng clay mo.

“And for someone na match with you, they have to be in the exact same mold.

"E, they can only be as close, pero hindi pareho talaga.

“Pero with music, it’s like liquid, it can really go and shape mold into what you are.


“And it feels like it understands you because each to his own experience sa music.”

As a friend, Migo said it helped just to be there standing by them.

“Kasi, medyo hindi sila confident.

"Sabi ko, ‘Don’t let your insecurity get the better of you. When you’re here, close your eyes and let your body move the way you want it.

“’Forget that everybody is there. I am here. Don’t worry about anybody else.

"'I know you, guys. Trust me. Whenever you feel scared, I am here.’

“That night was very special. They sang ‘Oceans.’”

Migo sang a few lines from the song that goes, “And I will call upon Your name / And keep my eyes above the waves / When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace / For I am Yours and You are mine.”

Talking about his friends strengthening their faith in God, Migo elaborated, “They felt nice to have some type of role model in their life, like a really strong pillar.


“To call upon someone’s name when you’re down. Someone who would never give you wrong expectations.

“It gave them this kind of strength in their heart, and through finding such pure innocent and bright emotion, they started crying.

"They were just crying."

LIFE-CHANGING DECISION. What was crucial then, said Migo, was that his friends owned the decision to overcome their difficulties.

“When the pastor finally said, 'If anybody wanted to come upon the altar to dedicate their life to God, come forward.'

“At first, hesitant sila. I didn’t want to push it kasi it has to come from the person’s own decision.

“No matter what you say, it’s still their choices at the end of the day.

"So, I just said to them, ‘Follow what your heart says.’"

In the end, Migo noted that having a strong support group helped his friends move forward.


“They walked down and they dedicated their life to Christ.

“And from that day on, every single Friday night, it’s called Friday night GWS—Great Western Sydney Youth.

“And then, Sunday yung Hillsong main service sa Baulkham Hills, yung original mothership church.”


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