Mike de Leon accuses Atom Araullo of being "disrespectful, pompous, narcissistic"

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Mike de Leon to Atom Araullo: "I may have my demons to deal with but you have yours too, my pompous friend. So accept that you are a celebrity and don't use the noble profession of journalism to hide your inadequacies as a human being."

It seems that the word war between Atom Araullo, 35, and Mike de Leon, 71, is far from over.

A few hours after Atom aired his side of the story, the veteran director was provoked to accuse the newbie actor of disrespecting his instruction during the filming of Citizen Jake.

Citing a heated exchange between them, Direk Mike claimed that Atom had been an arrogant actor who “completely ignored” specific instructions on how to go about certain scenes.

Direk Mike elaborated, “Many people were witness to this. The following day, I told you that never in my career as a director has any actor disrespected me as much as you did.

“I told you then if you wanted to direct yourself, then by all means do it. you can overact all you want. i will just shoot whatever you wish to do.

“Then you went into a meandering explanation without really saying anything, not even apologizing. Then I said ‘Bakit ganyan ka, bakit ba ang yabang mo? Bakit ba ang tingin mo sa sarili mo you're better than everyone else. As an actor, you're ok pero marami ka pang kakaining bigas.’

“And you said: ‘Yes, I know that but no one has ever told me that before.’ So I concluded by saying, ‘Well, it's about time somebody did."

This was in direct contrast to Atom's claim that he "behaved professionally" despite being the target of Direk Mike's "unprovoked, irrational, almost random tantrums."

Atom also said that the veteran director's harsh attitude made it harder for him to perform in his first foray into acting.

Direk Mike pointed out, however, that Atom’s dramatic portrayal in Citizen Jake has been strategically “edited and enhanced” for the actor to look good than he actually did.

“You know how your performance was enhanced and 'fixed' in the editing. That I had to use 2 cameras all the time in anticipation of this. That it's how the film was put together that made you look good.


“You won't want me to upload your most horribly acted scenes, and the one that had my team rolling in laughter every time they saw it.

“I tried to keep that scene by modifying the editing flow but i was overruled by my team who told me in no uncertain terms that that that scene had to go.”

While Direk Mike owned up to being a “deeply troubled person,” the acclaimed filmmaker called Atom a hypocrite for refusing to acknowledge his own faults.

Direk Mike also said that he stands by his claim that Atom’s a “closet movie star,” whose brand of journalism is all about personal gain.

"I also told you in one my 'tirades' that I find that you have no empathy, how can you be a journalist if you lack this basic ability to understand people's problems (not mine). 

“Isn't journalism about the story, not the journalist? But in your case, nobody is more important to Atom Araullo than Atom Araullo.

“And you say you cringe at being called a celebrity, a star. How hypocritical. Don't bother to cringe anymore because you revel in it."

Direk Mike went on to say how Atom supposedly used his work as a broadcast journalist for profit.

“You make commercials now and you exploited the Marawi bakwit by making that offensive commercial featuring yourself, monologuing like Citizen Jake, all under the sponsorship of McDo.

“I may have my demons to deal with but you have yours too, my pompous friend.

"So accept that you are a celebrity and don't use the noble profession of journalism to hide your inadequacies as a human being.”

Based on their respective statements earlier, the only thing that Direk Mike and Atom had agreed on was that never again would they work together, not ever.


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