Anne Curtis on getting naughty in a car: "Hanggang momol lang!"

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Anne Curtis recalls getting into a huge fight with an ex-boyfriend over a text message from an unidentified actress: "Sabi, 'Where you?' Sabi ko, 'What is this?!' Chuchuchu... Ayan, away talaga sa loob ng kotse! Ang ginawa ko, bumaba ako. 'I'm walking!'"

Anne Curtis kept laughing out loud when Vice Ganda quizzed her about her experience making out with the man she loves in a car.

To which, Anne promptly replied, “Hahaha! Siyempre. Hindi na ngayon. Pero siyempre during our youth.”

She added, laughing hard, “Masaya kaya siya!”

Anne also pointed out that the car should be “fully-tinted” for privacy purposes.

Anne and Vice traded secrets during her guest appearance in Gandang Gabi Vice’s “LOL Trip” segment, where she drives a car while having a candid conversation with the comedian.

Vice asked Anne, “Have you done it inside the car?”

Anne answered, “No!”

Sounding unconvinced, Vice retorted, “Bumagsak career?”

Anne reiterated, laughing, “Sobra! Hindi talaga.”

Vice gave Anne a quick reprieve by relating his own naughty experience with a boyfriend while driving along NLEX.

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Vice Ganda reveals naughty escapade with BF inside a car
Vice Ganda reveals naughty escapade with BF inside a car

But then, he suddenly resumed quizzing Anne, “Ikaw, paano ginawa mo?”

She replied, "Wala! As in hanggang ano lang kami, momol lang! Kiss lang!"

She was referring to the Pinoy slang "momol," which stands for "make out-make out lang."

In between laughs, Anne remarked that her husband Erwann Heussaff might reprimand her for speaking about things that are better kept private on national television.

Vice remarked, “Okey lang naman kung siya ang tinutukoy mo.”

Anne replied “oo” then paused for a bit before laughing out loud again.

LQ INSIDE THE CAR. One thing the actress easily admitted to was that she used to quarrel with her ex-boyfriends while in a car, to the point that she would even hit the guy.

Vice prodded, “Yung habang nagdra-drive, sinusuntok mo siya? Sinasampal mo?”

Anne agreed, “Oo. Pero hindi sa asawa ko. Yung mga past exes ko.”

Pointing at the car’s dashboard, Anne said, “Basta naaalala ko, yung phone nandiyan. 'Tapos nag-pop up yung pangalan ng isang babae.”

Vice interjected and gave a clue to the other woman’s identity, “Na artista din, ‘no? Na di na masyadong active ngayon!”


Anne continued, “'Tapos yun na nga, sabi, ‘Where you?’ Sabi ko, ‘What is this?!’ Chuchuchu...

“Ayan, away talaga sa loob ng kotse! Ang ginawa ko, bumaba ako. ‘I’m walking!’ Chuchuchuchu... Ganun!”

Talking about his own experience, Vice added, “Ako naman, talagang pinababa ko siya sa EDSA!”

Anne remarked, ‘Kasi kotse mo!”

“Oo!” Vice concluded, smiling.


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