Celebrities tweet about helping others battling with depression

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Celebs such as Bela Padilla, Bianca Gonzalez, and Lovi Poe took to social media to reach out and inspire people battling with depression.

Local celebrities took to social media and posted inspiring messages and words of encouragement for people going through depression, following the reported suicide of renowned American culinary icon and food/travel host Anthony Bourdain.

The popular American host's demise came as a shock when it first came out in the news last Friday, June 8.

Celebrities, including those who had admitted their own battles with depression, posted messages on Twitter in an effort to reach out to those who continue to struggle with the condition.

Their messages are one in saying that depression should be taken seriously and dealt with understanding and compassion.

They also encouraged others to be caring and sensitive in dealing with others.

Ryza Cenon, who battled with depression in the past, wrote a long message on Instagram about the topic.

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Ryza's reminder to help people with depression
Ryza's reminder to help people with depression

Meanwhile, Bianca Gonzalez, Bela Padilla, Lovi Poe, and Frankie Pangilinan tweeted their own reminders about the topic.

One of Bianca's tweets read: “Really, every single one of us have demons we are dealing with. These events are reminders to be kinder to each other. It isn't that hard.”

Bela pointed out that Kate Spade and Bourdain's suicides should serve as a wake up call for all.

She tweeted that netizens should be careful with the words they use on social media.

“Your anonimity on social media doenst give you a free pass to potentially destory someone's life. BE KIND,” she said.

Lovi's message to people who feel like screaming inside: “No matter the noise or no matter how loud it is, someone is out there to listen. Always.”

Frankie Pangilinan, Sharon Cuneta's daughter, reminded people to check on their friends, who might be experiencing depression and to be there for them.

“Take that step please, check in on your friends and loved ones and make sure they know they're not alone,” part of her tweet read.


For those struggling with depression, help is available.

You may call Depression & Suicide Hotline: (02) 804-4673 and 0917-558 4673 or Manila Lifeline Centre at (02) 896-9191 and 0917-854 9191.





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