Vice Ganda reveals he once slapped a woman at a disco

IMAGE Photo grabbed from Gandang Gabi Vice

Vice Ganda says he is guilty of slapping a woman in the face. The host-comedian detailed how it happened during the June 10 anniversary episode of his show Gandang Gabi Vice

Vice Ganda admitted he is guilty of having slapped a woman

This is just one of the many revelations that the It’s Showtime host made on the anniversary episode of Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV), his late-night show on ABS-CBN, last Sunday, June 10.

Apart from the slapping incident, Vice confirmed that he underwent a number of cosmetic procedures to improve his looks, and had flings with some celebrities in the past.

THE SLAPPING INCIDENT. During the “Guilty or Not Guilty” segment of GGV last weekend, Vice took the hot seat and was interrogated by broadcast journalist Gus Abelgas.

The journalist asked Vice if he ever slapped a woman.

“Guilty ako do’n. Pero isang beses lang yon,” confessed Vice.

He went on, “Sa club, yung sa disco-han. Nagpunta kami sa disco-han.” 

“E, may makulit kasi na babae.

"Nag-away kami ni dyowa ko, bini-video niya." 

Initially, Vice said he requested the woman not to take a video of him and his boyfriend while they were arguing, but the woman ignored the host-comedian’s plea.

“Sinampal ko, kasi sinabi ko, ‘Huwag mong i-video. Miss, huwag mong i-video,’ sinabi ko. Sabi kong gano’n.

“'Ta's deadma siya.

Vice continued, “'Ta's nakita ko bini-video niya pa rin. Sinampal ko yung babae.”

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Vice undergoes multiple cosmetic procedures to improve looks
Vice undergoes multiple cosmetic procedures to improve looks






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