Diego Loyzaga airs side on altercation with Grab driver

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The owner of the Grab car, Elaine Tiamzon, is willing to retract her complaints against Diego Loyzaga if CCTV footage proves that her driver's accusations against Diego are false.

Diego Loyzaga currently faces malicious mischief complaints after Grab driver John Ronnel Paglalunan accused him of causing damage to his car.

John also said Diego was drunk during their confrontation.

The incident happened at 3 a.m. last Friday, June 15.

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Diego Loyzaga faces malicious mischief complaint
Diego Loyzaga faces malicious mischief complaint

Today, June 16, the actor aired his side of the story on TV Patrol Weekend.

The 23-year-old ABS-CBN star insisted that he wasn't drunk and was asleep when John abruptly cut in on his convoy.

"Napaliko talaga iyong driver ko nang malakas sa kaliwa at nag-preno siya nang malakas," Diego told ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe.

He then got out of the car to talk to the driver, "Pagbaba ko, I said, 'Peace' to him.

"And what did he do? He just put up his phone and started taking a video of me."

John's co-Grab driver, Kian Garica, posted these videos on his Facebook account along with their version of the road altercation.

Despite the claim that Diego caused damages to their car, the son of Teresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano insisted otherwise.

He said,"Walang damage ako nagawa sa sasakyan niya.

"Naiwasan ng driver ko.

"'Tapos, five hours later, ang allegation nila sa akin ay sinira ko yung sasakyan, nagbato ako ng bato, at nang-trip ako nang walang dahilan."

Diego already communicated with the owner of the Grab car, Elaine Tiamzon.

Tiamzon said that she is willing to retract the complaint and apologize to the actor if proven that John was actually the one at fault.

Both camps are currently waiting for the release of the CCTV footage.





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