Liza Diño airs fun facts about face-mask viral photos

IMAGE Arniel Serato / Courtesy: Liza Dino on Facebook

Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairperson Liza Diño explained that her face-mask viral photos were done in jest. Addressing netizens' criticisms, Liza said that the photos were an inside joke among her colleagues, and that wearing the face mask was just her way of adding a little levity to a long-winded meeting.


Pinag-usapan sa social media nitong nakarang Huwebes, July 5, ang mga larawan ni Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairperson Liza Diño kunsaan nakasuot ito ng face mask habang nakikipagmeeting sa kanyang staff.

Ayon sa kanyang Facebook post, umabot ng madaling araw ang kanilang meeting na nagsimula bandang tanghali noong araw na yun, kaya raw nagmulti-tasking na siya.

Pero hindi ito ikinatuwa ng ilang netizens na nagsabing napaka-unprofessional daw ng ginawa niyang pagsuot ng face mask. May mga lugar naman daw kung saan maari itong gawin at hindi sa opisina.

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Liza Diño criticized for wearing face mask in a meeting
Liza Diño criticized for wearing face mask in a meeting

Kahapon, July 6, nagpaliwanag si Liza tungkol dito.

Ayon sa kanya, tapos na raw ang kanilang meeting noon at naglilinis na lamang sila bago magsiuwian nang maisipan niyang maglagay ng face mask sa mukha upang gumaan ang kanilang mood matapos ang halos 16 hours na trabaho.

Narito ang bahagi ng paliwanag ni Liza:

"For those demanding for my head on a platter, here are fun facts and things to clarify some assumptions circulating online:


"1. I had that photo of me taken which I myself posted on my personal FB account. It wasn't a stolen shot of an actual ongoing meeting.

"2. It wasn't an ongoing official meeting.

"3. The photo was AFTER an internal meeting with my staff and we were all about to clean up and go home after a 16-hour day at work.

"So we can end on a happy note, I put on the facial mask (I brought home masks for everyone from my vacation) to humor them (cause it isn’t illegal to try to poke fun at yourself once in a while) then took it off right after the shot was taken.

"(Imagine how hard it would have been to sit through hours-long discussions with that thing on my face.)

"4. Surprised that I have to spell it out but—No, I do not usually put on face masks, put my feet up, nor conduct myself in any unprofessional way during any type of meeting in my official capacity. Ask anyone who actually do business with FDCP.

"5. Attack me all you want with your sweeping generalizations of my character, but don't put any of this on my agency or negate the hard work that my people have put into our many projects to support the industry.

"However you want to frame this issue, you will not be able to deny the work we do.

"Again, ask anyone who actually do business with FDCP (and not just those who don’t bother to do proper research on the agency and reach out to us)."



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