Mavy, Cassy Legaspi finally join showbiz: "Signing with GMA is a blessing."

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Showbiz newbies Mavy and Cassi Legaspi on dealing with critics: "Constant reminder lang from our parents, just be us. Kung di ka ma-accept, sorry. But we just have to be us."


Twins Mavy and Cassy Legaspi, 17, said that it was their decision to finally join showbiz and follow the footsteps of their parents, Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi.

Mavy said, "Actually, the go signal came from us.

"Growing up, they weren't really open to the idea.

"Pero Cassy and I, since we're maturing, we also have to make our own decisions in our life."

Cassy went on to say that they had a serious talk with their parents about starting out as Kapuso stars.

"Well, it was a discussion.

"'Cause we were getting to that point where we have to think about our careers na.

"That’s when my parents started asking, 'Mag-aartista na ba kayo?'

"We had sometime to think, and that’s our go signal.

"Sabi ko, 'Sige, start here in GMA.'"

Cassy pointed out that Carmina and Zoren are there to give them sound advice, but they let her and Mavy have the final say about starting a showbiz career.

"Ito yung funny part, growing up, I was hesitant with it.

"They weren't like, 'You have to do this, you have to follow our footsteps.' They were just very humble."

Talking about how being an artist felt like a calling for her, Cassy added, "It's really from me.

"Growing up, I really got into this.

"Signing with GMA is a blessing talaga.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and a few GMA-7 reporters interviewed Mavy and Cassy after the media launch of GMA-7’s upcoming musical-variety show, Studio 7.

The event was held last night, October 2, at the 17th Floor of GMA Network Center in Quezon City.


Asked if they are ready to deal with being in the public eye, Mavy said he is aware that there may be critics waiting for him and Cassy to make a wrong move anytime.


"A lot of people think that way, that growing up, your parents are artists, you have commercials, so you have to act like this when you’re out.

"Constant reminder lang from our parents, just be us.

"Kung di ka ma-accept, sorry. But we just have to be us.

"And from there, don’t live up to any expectations. We just go about our lives being us."

What about dealing with hate comments?

Mavy readily answered, “Everybody gets it.”

Cassy, for her part, recalled how she encountered a basher on social media when she was only nine years old.

“Of course, I don’t know how to handle that, so I went to my parents, crying, ‘There's a hate comment.’

"They explained to me how to handle stuff like that. How do you do it? Ignore. Hahaha! Ganun lang, just ignore.

"I feel like we have a family motto, which is, what you see is what you get."

Cassy added that she has nothing to worry about as long as she knows her core. 

"About comments that aren't true or hate comments, if you truly know yourself you wont be affected. 

"I'm not here to please people.

"Here’s my talent. I’m here to do the work."


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