Janella Salvador calls for a "world where people actually know how to own up to their mistakes"

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Janella Salvador calls for a "better" world "where people are not afraid to stand up for themselves." She shares her post on Instagram almost three weeks after she alleged that Elmo Magalona physically abused her.

Janella Salvador took to Instagram to encourage her followers to "own up to their mistakes."

The ABS-CBN actress called for a "better" world in her latest post, asking people to start becoming "better at being human."

She wrote, "Here's a concept: OUR WORLD— but better. A world where people are not afraid to stand up for themselves.

"A world where we can be our own, authentic, unique and wonderful selves without fear of judgment because we walk with the knowledge that we were all made differently.

"A world where people have so much love in their hearts.

"A world where people actually know how to own up to their mistakes and better themselves instead of letting pride & fear of judgment take over because if God can forgive billions of people over and over every single day, so can we.

"A world where people don’t let their mouths speak ignorantly knowing very well how words can severely damage lives.


"Come on. It’s time for us to do better at being human. Yes?"

Janella uploaded her post three weeks after she alleged that Elmo Magalona, her on-screen partner and boyfriend, physically abused her.

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In an exclusive interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Jenine Desiderio, Janella's mother, revealed that Elmo personally visited her at their home in Laguna, and promised to release a public apology.

But Elmo failed to fulfill his alleged promise.

Jenine said this prompted her daughter to speak up about the issue on The Philippine Star.

On the heels of the physical abuse allegation, Janella and Elmo still took part in a Kapamilya concert tour in Canada, with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla early this month.

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Elmo's camp has yet to issue an official statement regarding the accusation.


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