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Dispatch reveals timeline of Kim Seon Ho's relationship with Choi Young Ah, details about abortion issue

by Rachelle Siazon
Oct 26, 2021
An excerpt from Dispatch's source claiming to be a close friend of K-drama heartthrob Kim Seon Ho: "Seon Ho hyung said this to me. Since it was true that he let go of his child… Since he once loved her, he tried to understand. And that he didn’t want to fight about his private life in front of the whole nation. So he said that instead of taking action, he apologized."
PHOTO/S: @seonho_kim Instagram

May panibagong impormasyong patuloy na nagningas sa eskandalo sangkot ang sikat na South Korean actor na si Kim Seon Ho.

Sa ulat ng Dispatch ngayong Martes, October 26, pinangalanan ang dating weather forecaster na si Choi Young Ah bilang "anonymous ex-girlfriend" na nagpakawala ng matitinding alegasyon laban kay Seon Ho.

Sa imbestigasyon ng Dispatch, idinetalye ng tatlong sources na napagkilalang malapit kay Seon Ho at dalawang sources na nagpakilalang kaibigan ni Young Ah ang nalalaman nila tungkol sa relasyon ng ex-couple.

Sinasabing naging magkasintahan sina Seon Ho at Young Ah mula "March 2020" hanggang "May 2021."

Sa salaysay ng sources, lumabas na totoong nabuntis ang ex-girlfriend ni Seon Ho noong July 2020.

Pero mutual decision daw ang pagpapa-abort ng unborn baby nila.

Hindi rin daw totoo ang alegasyong galit at napilitan lang si Seon Ho na magbayad ng hospital expenses ni Choi Ah.

Dahil sa pagkakaalam ng dalawang sources na nagpakilalang kaibigan ni Choi Ah, si Seon Ho ang laging gumagastos noong magkarelasyon pa ang celebrity couple.


Nagpatunay rin ang sources na nagpakilalang malapit na kaibigan ni Seon Ho na inalagaan ni Seon Ho si Choi Ah matapos ma-abort ang kanilang unborn baby.

Mula nang mangyari iyon ay walong buwan pa ang lumipas bago tuluyang naghiwalay ang dalawa dahil sa mga masalimuot na isyu na pinagdaanan nila.

Sabi pa ng source na kaibigan ni Seon Ho, na tinawag na "Friend B" ng Dispatch:

"Seon Ho hyung said this to me. Since it was true that he let go of his child…

"Since he once loved her, he tried to understand. And that he didn’t want to fight about his private life in front of the whole nation.

"So he said that instead of taking action, he apologized.

"Seon Ho hyung is that kind of person.

"He was in a normal relationship just like anyone else. He never tried to hide Young Ah noona. I’m a witness."

Narito ang timeline na inilabas ng Dispatch base sa impormasyong nakalap ng news outlet na inilathala rin ng Koreaboo:


Inilabas din ng Dispatch ang screenshots ng series of text messages at chat messages mula sa sources na nagpapakita ng detalyadong kaganapan at mga kasinungalingan umano ni Young Ah kay Seon Ho.


Nang magsimulang mag-date ang couple noong March 2020, tinanggap daw ni Seon Ho si Young Ah pati ang nakaraan nito bilang diborsyada.


Sabi ni Seon Ho sa isang text message niya sa isang malapit na kaibigan: "I’m just going to date her.

"I met up with her because I like her. Of course, my parents are worried.

"But for me, there’s no difference with a woman who was divorced."


Makalipas ang apat na buwan, noong July 8, 2020, naghiwalay ang couple matapos mahuli umano ni Kim Seon Ho na nagsisinungaling sa kanya si Choi Young Ah.

Nakalap ng Dispatch ang screenshot ng long apology ni Choi Young Ah kay Kim Seon Ho.

Makikita ritong panay ang hingi ng sorry ni Young Ah dahil sa pagsisinungaling niya kay Seon Ho.

May bahagi rin kunsaan inamin niyang nakakaramdam siya ng pressure na mapantayan ang pagiging matagumpay ni Seon Ho sa karera nito kaya raw panay ang pagmamadali niyang makakuha ng mga raket na pagkakakitaan.

Inamin din dito ni Young Ah na siya ang may pagkakamali at naging mabuting nobyo sa kanya si Seon Ho.


Narito ang kabuuang mensahe ni Young Ah kay Seon Ho, na inulat ng Dispatch (as translated in English by Koreaboo):

"I’m sorry for doing this, Seon Ho, when you’re on set for shoots. I love you and I want the best for you but I know that can’t justify the fact that I’ve been lying to you. I know everything I’ve done wrong to you. I wanted us to be happy, so I tried to keep you in the blind. But I see now that it has hurt you and made you miserable. I’m so broken hearted right now, but it’s all my fault. So I’m going to learn from it and put up with this pain.

"I know you don’t want to hear me out right now and you probably can’t even believe anything I say. But you meant everything to me and so I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart again. I’m sorry for the times that I’ve hurt you.


"I’ve stayed home since last night and thought about what I could’ve done differently. I also thought about how you must have felt and what I can do from here on. I decided that I can change by being more transparent with you. I’ve always thought I’m a complicated person and so I can’t share a lot about myself, but I realize now that I could’ve just chosen to open up to you. It’s a shame I’m only seeing how easy that would have been because I know you tried to convince me once but I didn’t understand.

"It’s not that I didn’t mind lying to you. I did what I did because I love you so much. In fact, the way I feel about you is so much more than just love. I cherish you. And I have always wanted to protect you. And I think it led me to make some wrong decisions.


"Yesterday, you tried to give me a second chance so that I could make things right between us. I know I have disappointed you beyond repair at this point, but if only you could find it in your heart to let me try again, I’ll give it my best.

"Lying isn’t habitual for me. I made a mistake because we’ve been getting into a lot of fights lately and I didn’t want to make things uncomfortable between us. I was stupid to make such a choice, but I honestly wanted us to be happy. That’s all. I’m not trying to excuse myself for the choice I made. I’m just saying I was trying to do what’s best for us. I regret it deeply now.

"I know that had I told you the truth, you would have told me that it’s all okay. But I guess I became afraid that you might feel anxious deep inside. And I wanted you to feel completely safe with me. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I could’ve done the same, had I been in your position. I know you tried really hard to understand where I’m coming from. I also know that you tried to help me make the right choices, too. That’s why yesterday I felt like I can finally come clean. It scared me, but in the moment, I felt like I could tell you everything and just start over on the right foot. It must have come as such a shock to you though, I know how offended and baffled you must have felt.


"This is super selfish of me, but spending time with you made me expect a grand future for us. Yet it also made me feel terrified when you started becoming more popular with your career really taking off with those tv shows, movies, etc. I think I started feeling pressured, like I should become a better person too so that I deserve to stay by your side… so that we can have the future that we always dreamed of.

"That might explain why I started rushing into things more recently. I know I’ve been hasty with contracts and YouTube. It’s not for money or success though. It’s because I wanted to become someone worthy to be with you.

"You must be feeling extremely angry and betrayed right now. But I never, ever meant to make you feel that way. I only wanted us to be happy. I should have known better. Can you please let me fix this? I promise you, I will earn your trust back. I know you’re disappointed because I keep making the same mistakes and you don’t have it in you to trust me anymore. And I know you probably don’t even want anything to do with me anymore, but please give me one more chance. It’s all up to me to make it up to you and I really want to give us another try.


"You’re the only one I have, Seon Ho. But if you end up leaving me, I’m ready to accept that decision too-because I love you. That’s how much I love you and how serious I am about us. But if you could please give me the chance to make this right, I will. Can you please remember the good things about us and let us try again? I will never, ever hide anything from you ever again and I’ll never try to justify my wrongdoings either."


Napag-alaman ng Dispatch na ang dahilan kaya naghiwalay ang couple noong July 2020 ay dahil nalaman ni Seon Ho na nakikipagkita umano si Young Ah sa ibang lalaki.

May pagkakataong sorpresang binisita ni Seon Ho si Young Ah sa bahay nito dahil ang sabi raw ng nobya ay naroon lamang ito.


Pero si Seon Ho raw ang nagulat nang wala siyang abutan sa bahay ng nobya.

Hindi raw nagsasabi ng totoo sa kanya si Young Ah—kung saan ito nagpupunta at kung sino ang kasama nito.

Base ito sa screenshot ng palitan ng mensahe sa pagitan ni Seon Ho at malapit nitong kaibigan na tinawag ng Dispatch na "Friend A" noong July 8, 2020.

Narito ang pag-uusap ni Seon Ho at ni Friend A, na inulat ng Dispatch at trinanslate ng Koreaboo:

Kim Seon Ho: I just broke up [with her]. This is seriously ridiculous.

Friend A: In the morning?

Kim Seon Ho: I caught her lying early yesterday morning. I said in the past that I would cut her some slack. But she got caught lying, saying she wasn’t going to that place where that man was, but she did.

Kim Seon Ho: But the problem is that when she said it, I thought it was a different story and I thought she was meeting up with a different man.


Friend A: She must have met up with a lot of other men.

Kim Seon Ho: I met him due to work, but [he] doesn’t want to tell me the full story.

Kim Seon Ho: I told her (Choi Young Ah) that she can go to clubs and that I wouldn’t be jealous if she goes to places where other men are. Honestly, I only asked for a text message when she arrived home, but she went against that again.

Friend A: That’s all we want, but in the end…

Kim Seon Ho: Once, my filming ended early. I asked her what she was doing, she said she was sleeping. So I went to her house with a gift, but she wasn’t home. Her car was also gone. After that she said she wouldn’t lie anymore. I’m so angry.

Friend A: You should just meet a different girl. Don’t date someone who bothers you.


Pero may may isa pang malapit na kaibigan si Seon Ho na nagpayo sa aktor na patawarin na ang nobya dahil mukhang nagsisisi naman na ito.

Tinawag ng Dispatch na "Friend B" ang kaibigang iyon ni Seon Ho na isang "theater actor."

Nagpasya raw noon si Seon Ho na sundin ang payo ni Friend B kaya nagkabalikan sina Seon Ho at Young Ah noong Hulyo 9, 2020.



Makalipas ang 15 araw, noong July 24, 2020, nalaman ni Kim Seon Ho na buntis ang nobyang si Choi Young Ah.

Ayon pa rin sa imbestigasyon ng Dispatch, saksi si Friend B ni Seon Ho sa mga pangyayari noon.

Umiiyak daw si Young Ah nang tawagan nito si Seon Ho para ipaalam ang tungkol sa hindi inaasahang pagdadalantao nito.

Ayon kay Friend B, bagamat aminadong natatakot at nag-aalala si Seon Ho ay sinubukan nitong pakalmahin ang nobya at sinabing "blessing" ang pagkakaroon ng baby.


Pero sa huli ay nagdesisyon umano ang couple na ipalaglag ang bata.

Noong July 27, 2020 ang araw kunsaan kasama raw si Friend B nang ma-confine sa ospital si Young Ah para sa diumano'y abortion procedure.

Bago pumunta ng ospital ay nagkaroon pa raw ng masinsinang pag-uusap ang couple habang si Friend B ay matagal na naghintay sa parking lot.

Pareho raw mugto ang mga mata nina Seon Ho at Young Ah.

Paglalarawan ni Friend B sa Dispatch:

"Both of them came down with swollen eyes.The decision must not have been easy to make.

"When I went to the hospital with [Choi Young Ah], [Kim Seon Ho] went to buy ingredients for seaweed soup.

"He’s not someone who is great at cooking, but…"


Ayon pa sa ulat ng Dispatch, dalawang linggong ipinagluto ni Seon Ho ng seaweed soup.

Karaniwang niluluto ng Koreans ang seaweed soup para pampalakas para sa mga buntis at bagong panganak dahil sa natural calcium at iodine na makukuha rito.


Naugnay ito ng Dispatch sa minsang pahayag ni Seon Ho sa South Korean variety show na 2 Days and 1 Night kunsaan ipinagmalaki ng aktor na alam nito ang recipe ng seaweed soup.

Marahil ay natuto raw si Seon Ho nang ipagluto nito noon si Young Ah.

Kaugnay nito, kinuwestiyon ng Dispatch ang anonymous post kunsaan sinabi ng nagpakilalang ex-girlfriend ni Seon Ho na nag-iba umano ang ugali ng aktor mula nang maipalaglag ang anak nila.

Isang kaibigan ni Young Ah, na tinawag ng Dispatch na "Friend C," ang nagsabing sa pagkakaalam niya ay ipinakilala pa ni Seon Ho si Young Ah sa mga magulang nito.

Sabi ni Friend C sa Dispatch:

"After the abortion, she was close to Seon Ho’s parents.

"Kim Seon Ho worked hard to be trustworthy.

"He also adopted a Shiba named Hoa so she wouldn’t be lonely while staying by herself."


Isa pang nagpakilalang kaibigan ni Young Ah, na tinawag ng Dispatch na "Friend D," ang kumontra sa alegasyong ayaw bayaran ni Seon Ho ang hospital bill ni Young Ah nang sumailalim ito sa abortion procedure.


Kaugnay ito ng viral anonymous post ng ex-girlfriend ni Seon Ho na nagsabing nagalit ang aktor nang sabihin niyang umabot sa "2 million Korean won" o 1,710 U.S. dollars ang bill nito.

Sa pagkakaalam daw ng kaibigan ni Young Ah, si Seon Ho ang gumagastos nang magkarelasyon pa ang couple.

Lahad ni Friend D sa Dispatch:

"Her spending on luxuries were difficult for Kim Seon Ho.

"During Christmas, she bought a luxury bag worth ?7.00 million KRW (about $5,990 USD).

"Her personal card was cut off, so she got the money from Kim Seon Ho. She bragged about it, so all of her friends know.

"I was dumbfounded, hearing about the '2 million won abortion' story.

"I’ve never seen Choi Young Ah pay for anything. Most things were paid for by Kim Seon Ho.

"Kim Seon Ho likes luxury goods? Everyone around knows who is actually obsessed with luxury goods."



Taliwas din sa impormasyong lumabas sa anonymous post ng ex-girlfriend ni Seon Ho ang alegasyong hindi sila makalabas sa public places sa pagnanais ng aktor na ilihim nang todo ang relasyon nila.

Nakuha ng Dispatch ang litrato ng couple na magka-date sa isang pet cafe noong October 2020, o tatlong buwan mula nang sumailalim sa abortion procedure si Young Ah.

Marami umanong napuntahan ang couple kunsaan maaari silang makita ng publiko.


Ayon pa rin sa imbestigasyon ng Dispatch, isa pa sa mga pagsubok na pinagdaanan nina Seon Ho at Young Ah ay tila may kinalaman sa divorce ng dating weather forecaster.

Inilabas ng Dispatch na noon pa lang January 2021 ay nakatanggap sila ng tip mula sa nagpakilalang kapitbahay ni Young Ah sa tinitirahan nitong "apartment complex."

Ayon sa source, ilang buwan na raw niyang nakikitang dumadalaw si Seon Ho sa tirahan ni Young Ah.


Madalas ay sinusubukan daw ni Seon Ho na takpan ng sumbrero ang mukha nito, pero hindi raw maikakaila kung sino ito lalo pa't sumisikat ang aktor at madalas itong napapanood sa 2 Days and 1 Night at Start-Up.

Sa pagkakaalam din daw ng source ay hindi pa pinal ang divorce ni Young Ah nang magsimula itong makipag-date kay Seon Ho.

Isang kaibigan ni Seon Ho, na tinawag ng Dispatch na "Friend D," ang nagsabing hindi pa nga raw pinal ang divorce ni Young Ah noong January 2021.

Noong panahong iyon ay sinabi umano ni Seon Ho sa isang kaibigan niya ang tungkol sa sitwasyon umano ni Young Ah.

Sabi ni Friend D: "Seon Ho once confessed to me that he was having a hard time because of the situation surrounding Choi Young ah.

"They were receiving threats, harassment from gangsters, harassing the ex husband’s wife, lawsuits…

"There were many stories that I couldn’t handle."



Sa huli, tila hindi na kinaya ni Seon Ho ang mga masalimuot na isyung pinagdaanan nila ng nobyang si Young Ah.

Lumalabas na sa tingin ng isang kaibigan ni Seon Ho na nagiging unhealthy na ang mga ikinikilos ni Young Ah bilang nobya.

Nalaman daw ni Seon Ho na lihim na nire-record umano ni Young Ah ang aktor.

Sabi ni Friend E sa Dispatch: "Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah once checked each other’s KakaoTalk messages.

"At that time, he discovered that she had numerous audio and video recordings of him.

"Think about it from his perspective, wouldn’t that be scary?"

Sinasabing nagpatuloy ang relasyon nina Kim Seon Ho at Choi Young Ah hanggang April 2021 hanggang sa tuluyang naghiwalay ang mga ito noong May 2021.

Tumangging magbigay ng komento ang talent management ni Seon Ho na Salt Entertainment, habang tikom-bibig pa rin si Young Ah sa pagkakadawit sa isyu.


Noong October 20, 2021, inamin ni Kim Seon Ho na totoong may nagawa siyang pagkakamali sa ex-girlfriend na pinili niyang hindi pangalanan.

Walang binanggit na detalye si Seon Ho, maliban sa pag-ako nitong nasaktan niya ang dating nobya dahil sa kanyang "incompetence and lack of consideration."

Makalipas ang ilang oras ay humingi rin ng tawad ang anonymous ex-girlfriend kay Seon Ho.

Kakatwang matapos ang eskandalong sanhi ng mga viral post ng anonymous ex-girlfriend ay biglang kambyo ito at sinabing pinagsisisihan niya kung nakasakit man siya dala ng kanyang post.

"There was a time when that person and I were both genuinely in love, so I feel bad seeing him collapse in an instant due to what I wrote, part of which was very strong," saad ng ex-girlfriend na kilala lang sa alias na "A."

Dahil sa isyu, natanggal si Seon Ho sa 2 Days and 1 Night, at may dalawa sana itong gagawing pelikula na hindi na rin matutuloy.


May mga brand endorsement din ang aktor ang umatras pagkatapos pumutok ng isyu.


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An excerpt from Dispatch's source claiming to be a close friend of K-drama heartthrob Kim Seon Ho: "Seon Ho hyung said this to me. Since it was true that he let go of his child… Since he once loved her, he tried to understand. And that he didn’t want to fight about his private life in front of the whole nation. So he said that instead of taking action, he apologized."
PHOTO/S: @seonho_kim Instagram
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