WATCH: Bela Padilla confronts showbiz editor who offended her

But did the showbiz editor really ask offending questions? Watch the interview that ticked off Bela Padilla right after the video below.

WATCH: Bela Padilla confronts editor who offended her

Video: Nerisa Almo | Video Edit and text: Rommel Llanes

Bela Padilla confronted the entertainment editor who she said in a tweet last month, asked her "a series of very rude and insensitive questions."

The entertainment editor Bela confronted at the 1-minute-and-23-second mark of the video above, is Bulgar entertainment editor Janiz Navida.

Janiz, who is referred to in the video as the "Showbiz Editor" was not identified until a few days after this video was taken. She was mentioned in column items and articles by some of the showbiz reporters who were also there when she was confronted by Bela. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) searched for the interview that ticked off Bela and found this video from the YouTube channel of the tabloid where Janiz worked for.

In this video, Bela was happy to answer Janiz's questions about her career when the tabloid editor suddenly asked about what happened between the actress and her My Dear Heart leading man Zanjoe Marudo.


Bela asked Janiz not to ask her anymore about Zanjoe, but the editor followed up with another question about him.

Zanjoe was romantically linked to Bela when they did My Dear Heart, an ABS-CBN teleserye.



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