Bea-Gerald-Julia issue, sa point of view ng abogado

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A "legal advice to Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, and Julia Barretto: "Individuals who are in love had the power to let love grow or let love die..."

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Welcome ulit to Labandera Chronicles. First off, a reminder: What matters most? Controversy. Who matters most? The controversial.

We're arguably at the tail end of all the sawsawan that's been going on, pero grabe  pa rin itong nakuha ko sa Facebook post ni kaibigang Cathy Sanchez Babao. Hindi ko matiis na hindi dalhin dito, dahil tama si Cathy, hanep ang research at pagkakasulat nito. Pag-tripan niyo na rin.

We recall—not, that I think you've forgotten—last week, nagtweet si Supreme Court Justice (and former UP College of Law Dean) na si Marvic Leonen: "Dear Bea and Julia, is he really worth it? #JustAsking."

Eto na at umabot na sa sukdulan ang reaction, na alay ko sa lahat ng kaibigan kong abogado.

"Dear Honorable Justice Leonen:

"[T]he heart has reasons of its own which reason does not know.’ [Chua-Qua v. Clave, G.R. No. L-49549, 30 August 1990] Further, ‘[w]e cannot castigate a man for seeking out the partner of his dreams’ [Figueroa v. Barranco, Jr., G.R. No. 97369, 31 July 1997] because ‘[l]ove is useless unless it is shared with another.’ [Chi Ming Tsoi v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 119190, 16 January 1997]


"To Bea:

"[P]eople fall out of love. There is always a possibility that human love is not forever.’ [J. Leonen, Dissenting Opinion in Matudan v. Republic, G.R. No. 203284, 14 November 2016]

"To Julia:

"The question is not so much as who was aimed at [but] as to who was hit.’ [Borjal v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 126466, 14 January 1999 citing Pound in Corrigan v. Bobbs-Merrill Co., 228 N.Y. 58 (1920)]

"And to you Gerald:

"Statistics never lie, but lovers often do, quipped a sage.’ [Antonio v. Reyes, G.R. No. 155800, 10 March 2006]

"My advice to you Bea and Gerald AND Julia and Joshua:

"Individuals who are in love had the power to let love grow or let love die - it is a choice one had to face when love is not the love he/she expected.’ [Padilla-Rumbaua v. Rumbaua, G.R. No. 166738, 14 August 2009]


"Para sa lahat ng nagmahal, nasaktan at kasalukuyang nag-mu-move on:


"The intimate spaces created by our human relationships are our safe havens from the helter skelter of this world. It is in that space where we can grow in the safety of the special other who we hope will be there for our entire lifetime. If that is not possible, then for such time as will be sufficient to create cherished memories enough to last for eternity.’ [J. Leonen, Separate Concurring Opinion in Garcia v. Drilon et al., G.R. No. 179267, 25 June 2013]

"After all, ‘[w]e will all die. But what may matter to many of us is how we live and how our life is kept in the memories of those we leave behind.’ [J. Leonen, Dissenting Opinion in Valino v. Adriano et al., G.R. No. 182894, 22 April 2014]

#JustCiting ???????????? 

Kung sino ka mang orihinal na nakaisip nito, you made me ROTFL! 

Last ko na ito sa topic, promise. ###




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